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Mickelson reveals serious arthritis condition

filesmall Private | commentmall Written by BigRed
Just prior to this week's PGA Championship at Whistling Straits Phil Mickelson revealed to the public that he is suffering from a serious form of arthritis. The condition first showed up shortly before the US Open in June when Phil was in serious pain. He is now treating it successfully and does not expect any long term effects on his health.

During a pre-tournament press conference at this week’s PGA Championship at Whistling Straits Phil Mickelson revealed that he had been suffering from an illness called psoriatic arthritis.

He first noticed the symptoms prior to the US Open when he woke up with pain so bad that he could hardly move. Thanks to anti-inflammatory medication he was able to play four rounds at Pebble Beach and finished in a tie for fourth , but the symptoms worsened significantly during a family vacation at Hawai’i shortly after.

Mickelson went to see specialists at the renowned in the joints and tendons.

However, doctors also told him that the diseases should not have any long term effects on his health: “(I) should be able to live a normal life without having any adverse effects,” the reigning Masters champion said. “So I’m not very concerned about it.”

Phil is now treating the disease with a weekly shot of Embrel that he applies himself and feels he is at 90% going into this week’s PGA Championship.

The information comes as the latest episode in a series of bad medical news for the Mickelson family: Barely 14 months ago both Phil’s wife Amy and his mother were diagnosed with breast cancer and are since then successfully battling the disease.

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29 Responses to “Mickelson reveals serious arthritis condition”

  • comment  Mark Wylie Says:

    I recently just went through the same scenario as Phil. Back in March of this year I was diagnosed with Reiters Syndrome, a form of Spondyloarthropathy, which Psoriatic Arthritis falls under as well.

    My onset was triggered by a cholesterol medication after I lost 30 pounds of weight and did not change the dose of cholesterol medication I was taking. I was curious if Phil was on such medication? Drug makers would like to keep this swept under the rug, but someone like Phil could help bring a potential crippling side effect to light if anyone could get this question in front of him. There seems to be a growing population crying out, but so far thier crys have fallen on deaf ears. What if a cholesterol medication was knocking the number 2 rated golfer in the world off his game? That would get attention. Also, the Enbrel shots he is taking have side effects as well, so I wish him the best in getting through this setback. I still have been restricted in activities, and chose steroids as a treatment vs. Enbrel.

  • comment  tom mihalic Says:

    i too have a sever form of arthritis called psoritic arthritis i also love the game of golf. i would like to speak to him and show him it can be defeated. tell phil to listen to his body along with his doctors

  • comment  dean campbell Says:

    Hi phil my name is dean im from northern ireland im 42yrs i to am a keen golfer playing off 12 i feel sorry about your condition but its not the end of the word i have had psoritic arthritis for about 15yrs after all types of tablets and gold injections into the joints i am now on a wonder drug called embrel i self inject once a week and my whole life has changed i can now enjoy golf again and a life with my kids there is also one call humeri hope all gets better for you would like to hear your coment many thanks fan for life all the best for the future things can get better

  • Mr. Mickelson, I’ve suffered with Psoriatic arthritis for some 20 years. A few years ago it got so bad I couldn’t easily hold a cup of coffee, and forget about even trying to work in the yard. At one point or another is seems like I was put on every anti-inflammatory medications there was. The worst thing about Psoriatic arthritis (like them all I’m sure) is how it mentally tears you down! But a few years ago my doctor put me on an injectable called (Humara). I’m happy to say because of it, I’m able to do everything I like and have almost no symptoms at all. Good luck to you!!

  • comment  Dean Jewart Says:

    Dear Phil,
    I’m a PGA Golf Professional and have found that by drinking 2 oz a day of Bragg’s Apple Cider (with the mother) restores my joints and relieves any pain from arthritis. It’s the best!

  • comment  Dean Jewart Says:

    Dear Phil,

    I’m a PGA Golf Professional and have found that by drinking 2 oz a day of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinagar(with the mother) restores my joints and relieves any pain from arthritis. It’s the best!

  • comment  Dr. Frank Scott Says:

    Dear Phil,

    I’m a Rheumatologist and am sorry you developed psoriatic arthritis. I trained with you in Scottsdale when you were learning to fly. I am glad to hear that you are taking Enbrel. I have many patients with PsA on Enbrel, some going on 5 years. Most have responded very well as you did. Don’t listen to “old wives tales” about home remedies, etc and continue to remain active and listen to your rheumatologists at Mayo. Good luck to you and Amy!

  • Dear Phil,

    I am the Chief Medical Officer of Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals. We can offer a clinical nutritional approach to psoriatic arthritis as a completely safe and effective adjuvant therapy to the medications you are taking. I have hundreds of patients with psoriatic arthritis who have obtained considerable relief from this approach and we work closely with physicians in this regard. This is real science and there are also many applications for breast cancer treatment and prevention as well. Two studies from the NIH and peer-reviewed journals on Omega-3 EPA/DHA benefit in this regard were published in the last few weeks. Feel free to contact me at [email protected].

    Yours in good health,
    Michael B. Gross MD, FACOG

  • comment  jimmy durden Says:

    i have psoriatic arthritis fo more than six years, started treatment on embril and methotrexate after 6 months side effect of beinf real tired for about 3 days could not work change mdicine to humira with the same results. doctor the put on remicade ar 6 week intervials have had the best results with this, still cannot play golf for more than 2 days would like to here more from phil on this condition

  • Iam also sure Phil is needing glasses. It shows he is having sight problems when he missed shots that we know he wouldn’t miss otherwise.

  • I have been on Enbrel for 6 years, for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. It was a wonder drug, felt great, and an hour before playing golf, I took one Aleeve, and I was perfect. Then in Jan 09, for some reason, it stopped working. Now I can hardly walk and golf is out of the question. Phil says he hopes to get off Enbrel. What we have, there is no cure, and I just hope his does not escalate as mine has. everything I have taken over the years, after a period of time, the body seems to reject it.

  • Phil (and others diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis).

    Please do yourselves a favor and research if you might have Lyme or an associated tick-borne infection. The symptoms are similar and the long-term prognosis complicated if not diagnosed by a Lyme literate doctor. Most hospitals and medical professionals are not Lyme literate. For insight, please check out http://www.lymediseaseassociation.org. I like the “Lyme Basics booklet at http://www.lymepa.org.
    How likely is it that a golfer (and others outside a lot) would be exposed to ticks? The spring ticks can be no larger than a speck of pepper. PLEASE research this and be sure your doctor knows about it. Not all labs are created equal. 30-60 days on antibiotics may not be enough. Co-infections with Lyme are common. It can be sexually trasmitted or passed on mother to child. There is no one test- it is a clinical diagnosis that requires someone knowledgeable.

    Hope you are feeling better!


  • Mr. Mickelson:
    I guess there is no problem with my comments being #13.
    I’ve read the above 12 and none of them asked you about considering a possible food allegry. Yes, I said food allergy. My sone discovered several food groups he could not eat and his sympotmes are disappearing. (sever pain in hands and feet - Drs. called it arthritis, scabing in scale, plus other problems). Would you beleive that one food group is wheat?
    Just thought I’d mention it.
    PS: you’re one of my favorites because you are a great family man.
    AND and great golfer.

  • comment  Brooks Says:

    Phil, you are mine and my husband’s favorite golfer. We read your article in Parade with much interest. My husband suffers from Psoriatic arthritis. He has been through many treatments and is looking at Embrel or other biological treatment. This article gave him some hope that there might some relief. We did find out that wheat was a problem, but not the only problem. We wish you and your family many wonderful days ahead. Good luck at the Masters. We lived in Augusta for 20 years and spent many fun times at the Masters.

  • Hello phil, I have used enbrel since it first came out. 2 x week, 25 mg. It gave me a new life. I noticed one thing you might be interested in… When you flew to Hawaii you had a flare up. Changing altitutes will do it; in the air or on the ground.I am in my 70’s so I am not too worried about the side effects. I suspect stress trigered my case and more than likely the same with you. I was a police officer and my adrenaline would get going sometimes 2-3 times a day. Anyway, you are on the right track and I wish you much sucess and good health that you might lead an active life when you get as old as I am.Keep moving!!

  • Hello Phil,I have had psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis for several years. I have tried methotrexate and humira which did not work all that well for me. My doctor wants to try intervenous enbrel.I also recently had cancer. I think the stress has made my arthritis worse.I could have cried when I saw you on television talking about your experience. So few people understand this disease that affects so many. I keep going I’m not going to let it ruin my life. I’m so glad you are doing well. I have a wonderful doctor at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. Her name is Dr. Alice Gottlieb. She is board certified in dermatology, rhematology and internal medicine. She is a world renowned lecturer on Psoriasis and PA.If you need anyone in the future she is great. Best of luck with the Masters I don’t like golf but I’ll be cheering for you!

  • Phil, I recommend that you read a book “The New Arthritis Breakthrough”. Written by Henry Scammell and Dr. Thomas McPherson Brown. This is a landmark book that first set forth the infectious theory and the rationale for antibiotics in rheumatoid arthritis. I am on the antibiotic protocol for 18 months now. I am so much better than I was. I’m still not in remission but I suspect if I progressively keep improving in another year I might be able to say “I’m in remission”. This is not mainstream therapy but it works for me. It may be worth your while to check it out.

  • comment  Chelsea Says:

    Phil, I know exactly what you are going through! I have a similar condition called ankylosing spondylitis, which mainly effects the joints in the lower extremities. I was diagnosed about 2 years ago when I was 17, and even had to have total hip replacements. I know everyone always tells me that “I am too young” to have those procedures, but it happened for a reason. As you know, usually athletes and stars have a major pull on certain charity’s, and knowing that you will support the research in this field in the future is nice to know! I am now a golf fan because of how you deal with your condition as an athelete!

  • My son has been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and is getting enbrel injections once a week. The shots are extremely expensive, and his insurance company won’t pay for the drug. Is there a foundation for patients with this condition who need help paying for the drug?


  • comment  Jennifer Says:

    Ellen Ijust stopped using Enbrel due to many infection,I could not pay for it,so I went to the makers of Enbrel and they had many programs for people who can afford it.I ended up only having to pay 30.00 for a three months supply.Enliven was the program that help pay for mine.
    I just would like Phil and everyone else to know that in 2006 my mother passed away at age 59 due to psoriatic arthritis.I’ll explain,she devolped a disorder from PsA called Amyloidosis,which happens when one has inflammation in their body for years.What happens is the protien(inflammation)start to deposite into your body organ’s,such as your kidneys,liver,heart,lungs,etc. and after so many years of this happening the protien will start to shut down or make the organs malfuntion,and if it is found in your fatty tissue then there is real nothing that can be done,they give you at most five years.Whats sad is not long after her kidney’s shut down,I was diagnosed w/PsA,so I watched hers died from the side effects of PsA,Amyloidosis.Everyone needs to look it up and be aware it(PsA)what can happen if not diagnosed and treated in time.This is the 10th year for me and I was told by my rhumey that since I have not been in remission yet in ten yrs. then I have only have a 5% chance in ever be in remission,I am only 38.What happen with my mom,was she went in to have her galbladder taken out and one week later her kidney’s shut down,she was on dialysis for 6 yrs and then the next thing we know she is in ICU and that’s the first time we learn about why her kidneys stopped working.I tried for six yrs.to find out why and the doctors just didn’t know why.Two weeks before she past is when they told us about the Amyloidosis and that what shut her kidneys down.
    I guess what I would like to get across is that PsA is very dangerous and its more then just arthrits and not to be taken lightly,find out everything you can about it,so that you or your loved one will not have to go thougth what my mom did.

  • comment  barbara hensley Says:

    my niec, mary gavartar,has been using enbrel (she has had socriasas arthritis for several years. she had been using enbrel with great results but her insurance has decided it will not pay fo 2 shots a week. she is really having a very hard time now. her soricisis is very bad and she is in a lot of pain from from her arthritis. she really needs help. thank you, barbara hensley — calabash, nc 28467

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