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Michael C. Fricke: Thoughts on Amy Mickelson

filesmall Private | commentmall Written by Michael C. Fricke

Following the news about Amy Mickelson’s breast cancer diagnosis, our Michael C.

Fricke offers a very personal view about the disease, the Mickelson family and Phil’s reaction to suspend his PGA Tour season indefinitely.

For PGA Tour members the ultimate prize in the sport is to walk away with one of the four major golf championships in hand. This is one yardstick by which a golfer is measured. Phil has already trotted off with three of them, but now faces a bigger and more significant challenge than competing for his fourth: Coping with the ugly reality that life often tosses our way.

His wife Amy was last week diagnosed with breast cancer. And from all corners of the world well-wishes have come pouring in: Darren Clarke, whose wife Heather died from the disease in 2006 has expressed his support. Tiger and family have also expressed their best wishes, with Tiger saying “Elin and I are deeply saddened to hear the news about Amy. Our thoughts and prayers are with her, Phil, the children, and the entire Mickelson family.” Billy Mayfair, who himself overcame testicular cancer, has expressed his support for Amy and offered his assistance in any way possible. Tens of thousands of other fans of the game and from all walks of life have also come forward with their support.

While breast cancer is the second most lethal form of cancer in women (following only lung cancer), its incidence has been on a gradual decline since 2001 and deaths as a result of breast cancer have declined steadily since 1990 (Between 1990-2004, the rate decreased by 2.2% annually. Source: American Cancer Society, 2007-2008 Breast Cancer facts and figures). Early diagnoses and intervention are linked to these declines. My sister, Laury Edwards, is a breast cancer survivor.

Amy has been one of the most visible wives on the PGA Tour. A former Phoenix Suns cheerleader, she has been seen on countless occasions as the first (save Bones) to congratulate Phil on a victory, or console him in defeat. Amy and the Mickelson children have reminded us on more than one occasion of the overwhelming power of family.

Amy met Phil in 1992 and they were married in 1996. Together they have 3 children, Amanda, 9, Sophia, 7, and Evan (6). Amanda’s birth was preceded by one of the most memorable final rounds in US Open history: Phil, carrying a pager in case Amy went into labor, watched the late Payne Stewart bury a 15 foot putt on the 18th at Pinehurst to rack up his second US Open title. Phil had openly stated that should Amy go into labor he would walk off the course immediately to be with his wife, no matter the circumstance. After the victory Payne consoled Phil telling him “Good luck with the baby. There’s nothing like being a father.” The next day Amanda was born.

Now Phil, who has always had his priorities straight, is playing the supporting role to Amy, both literally and figuratively. Without entertaining any doubt he has chosen to man-up and fulfill his role in his and Amy’s marriage. There is little doubt that his family is the one thing he takes more serious than the game of golf.

The remainder of his schedule is up in the air at this time. He missed last week’s Byron Nelson and is not playing in this this week’s Crowne Plaza Invitational, where he would have been the defending champion. His status for this year’s Open is in question at this time. Should he be ready for the Open, he will return to Bethpage Black, the site of his runner up finish to Tiger Woods in 2002.

Even without a victory at the US Open, Phil has managed to leave an indelible imprint in its history. Should he play at Bethpage his overwhelming New York support will be no less fanatical, but will be even more heartfelt. From the heart of each person’s roar of support for Phil, there will be an even bigger echo for Amy.

From the staff at phil-fanatics.com, good luck Amy. May you be blessed as you deal with this obstacle.

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26 Responses to “Michael C. Fricke: Thoughts on Amy Mickelson”

  • Dear Phil and Amy;
    My prayers are with you both. Wishing you all the best in your fight. My sister lost her battle with cancer, and her son now runs a sight devoted to fighting this desease. He is also a cancer survivor. Never give up hope.

    With faith and prayers;

  • comment  Marilyn Says:

    We have watched you and your family at the golf tournaments and feel like you are our family. Our love and support are with you and Amy. Marilyn and Dale McFarland

  • comment  Jim Boren Says:

    Phil & Amy,

    Paula’s and my prayers are with you as you face this together. Paula’s breast cancer was caught early and we just recently celebrated her eighth year being cancer free.

    Treatments have improved even since back then, but I am frequently reminded of a hospital billboard near where she received treatment during that time that stated “Cancer is scared of us!”

    Go After It!

    JB & Paula

  • phil and amy

    3 months after katrina, during which we lost everything we owned, my business was destroyed, we no place to live and we sent our 15 yr old twins to live out of state,etc etc, my wife Lise’ was diagnosed with breast cancer. Imagine that? The last person on earth you would ever thought would have breast cancer because she did everything right, ate right, exercised, no smoking, little or no drinking. Go figure. we caught it early as you and Amy did, we had great medical help, what little there was in New Orleans after Katrina, we took an aggressive approach to the treatment. Skin saver mastectomy vs lumpectomy and chemo and we are blessed to say that 4 yrs later she has graduated to SURVIVOR. We have admired you both for many years and will continue to admire and pray that it will turn out the way it did for my bride of 30 years and I.
    Not mentioning this for an attaboy but when my wife’s hair started falling out I shaved my head. An uglier bald man has never been on this earth and she was mad I did it. She got to wear a wig–I couldn’t. So very glad I did it. Those days seem like decades ago. Our thoughts and prayers are right there by your side.
    Danny And Lise’ Ayers

  • comment  Phil Fennelly Says:

    Amy and Phil and your beautiful children:

    My daughter and myself wish all the best to all of you.What can be said that hasn’t already been said.Our prayers are with the whole family and we know that all be good.I wish there was something that I could say or do in order to make this disappear,for good people like your self should not have this happen….

  • comment  Greg Toth Says:

    To The Mickelson Family,

    I was shocked and saddened by the news about Amy. Treatments and poitive results have improved greatly over the years. The term “survivor” is used more frequently then ever before. You seem to have a wonderful support system with family, close friends and colleagues. Take advantage of that, ask for help, guidance or anything you and your family may need. As a fan, husband and father I and my family hope and pray that this battle you’re facing comes to a quick and positive conclusion for Amy and all breast cancer patients.

    The Toth Family
    Brunswick, Oh

  • comment  Joe Darnell Says:

    Dearest Mrs. Mikelson:

    I am your husband’s player escort since 2005 at Augusta National. I wasn’t able to go to Augusta National in 2007 because I also had cancer. In 2008, I was able to resume my duties at Augusta National and walk Mr. Mickelson and meet some of your family. Through lots of prayer and good doctors this year of 2009 I was able to see you and your husband again. It’s been my pleasure to meet both of you. My prayers are for your full recovery and for your husband and family, because I know the stress this disease puts on families.

    May God bless you and your family. I look forward to seeing you again at the Masters in 2010!

    Kind regards,

    Joe Darnell

  • comment  Pat W. Says:

    You and your family are in my prayers. I had early stage breast cancer in 2001, I was diagnosed again in Feb. of this year with early stage breast cancer in my other breast. I know you and your family believe in God and so do I. This belief and support of family and friends is what makes it all possible. Iam just of fan of Phil’s but my heart goes out to all of you.

    God’s blessings
    Pat W.

  • comment  Brother Joel Wells and Brother Sean Ian Wells Says:

    Dear Brother Phil, Sister Amy and precious family, We are praying for you daily that God will heal and deliver you in a truly miraculous way. We come now Father, asking in Jesus name, please bless Amy, heal her, restore her now, and we give you the praise for Amy’s healing, Amen and Amen.

  • comment  Robert McNamara Says:

    Every year I volunteer at the Buick Open and cheer for Phil. Five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. It is scary but each year I have been there on the shot link laser at Torrey and pray that Amy will be there next January.

    We all miss cheering for Phil.

    You and your family are in our prayers and I’m sure the Lord will bless Amy to fully overcome this illness.

    With loving thoughts,

    The Big Mc

  • Amy, Phil and family - As a GREAT fan of Phil’s, I was very saddened to hear of Amy’s diagnosis. My prayers and thoughts are with you! May the good Lord above look over all of you.

    Phyllis A.

  • comment  Rod Chalkley Says:

    Amy and Phil,

    I have been praying for both of you and was so glad to hear that Amy’s breast cancer was caught early and hopefully won’t be an invasive as some. On Phil’s return, I had just told my wife this weekend after watching the Memorial Tournament “Golf just isn’t the same without Phil” I was so happy when I opened http://www.pgatour.com to see that Phil was coming back for the St. Jude’s and the U. S. Open. Thanks,Amy,for giving Phil back to his fans for a couple of weeks. God’ speed with your treatment and may He direct the doctors to do what it takes to cure you and return to your life in a minimal amount of time and minimal effect on your body.

  • comment  Scott Girard Says:

    Amy and Phil,

    We were saddened at the recent report of Amy’s diagnosis. Please know you are on prayer chains across the globe. My lovely bride is a Stage 4 colon cancer survivor of 4-years thus far. This is not a death sentence. You are in our thoughts and prayers daily, and may God bless you and keep you. Blessings,

    Scott & Stephanie

  • comment  edwin g smith Says:


  • comment  Ryan Dewitt Says:

    I dont follow the game of GOLF much at all and never really have, but when I read about AMY’s condition I felt saddened. God puts us all in difficult situations which we don not always understand. I pray for AMY and the Mickelson family, I have faith that God will help you through these hard times. Continue to have faith. This scripture has kept me going over the years as I hope it will do for you.

    Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage, do not be afraid nor dismayed, for the LORD, your GOD is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

  • comment  Claire Says:

    I have always been the biggest fan. I was diagnosed with stage 4 in 1997…had a stem cell transplant in FL at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa…fine now…12 years on….laugh a lot, drink lots of wine and enjoy your friends…:0) Wish my golf was better but got my handicap down 8 shots this year!!

  • Dear Amy & Phil,

    Our hearts go out to you and your family at this difficult time.
    We are praying for you and believe with all our hearts that God will carry you through this. We have loved watching you and the children through the years - and we will always be fans - of the game and of your family….

    Connie and Mary Cesario
    Little Compton, RI

  • Dear Staff, please get this message to Phil and Amy immediately, so that they will have time to study the information before Amy starts Chemo-therapy[God Forbid !] My family and I send you love,Faith and Hope. Have faith in God and Christ’s healing Miracle
    Amy and Phil. Only With faith without doubt can God help us. Pray and believe with all your heart that things will turnout well.

    Forgive me for trying to get this information to you both, with tournaments and the health challenge consuming your every thought.
    May God bless and keep you. Amen and Amen.

    Please go on the Web and Google up “The One Minute Cure’! This is an e-book you can purchase and Download immediately. It is just what you and every American needs right now, but especially those
    faced with your present challenge . Believe me it will be worth the effort Amy and Phil ! If I could, I would hand it to you myself, but time is of the essence here ! Right ? Right ! It works ! Do It !

    To Health and Happiness,

    Ray Jordan DC & Family

    P.S.Perhaps in the interest of time and circumstance, some one in Phils organization could go ahead and order the book and have it sent to them in a timely and appropriate manner. Just a thought.
    Not having access to Phil and Amy at a moments notice myself, you are in a better position to assist me in my quest. I could not sleep, knowing what I know and not sharing it ! You understand.
    I just lost my Brother -in Law to lung cancer a month ago. I had not yet had knowledge of this wonderfull cure that probrably would have saved him ! Please do what you can. Call me at 253-217-6828 or e-mail me if I can be of any help. Thank you kindly. Dr. Ray

  • comment  Zella Eliason Says:

    I have just completed my journey from diagnosis to survivor. You and your family are in my prayers. My husband, also a left-handed golfer, and I made the journey together with wonderful medical people. They know so much about the testing and treatments today which is why there are so many survivors. Amy, you will be one too.

  • comment  The Yates Family - Germantown, MD Says:


    We are going through the trauma of breast cancer diagnosis. Every day has been an emotional challenge for us. We are keeping positive thoughts that with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation this will become a closed book in our lives. We are looking forward to years of good health after all is said and done.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and you start your treatments.

  • Phil and Amy:

    I am very sorry to hear about the diagnosis. As a graduate student at the University of Oklahoma, I have the privilege of working on developing a new treatment for breast cancer. Unfortunately it will not be far enough along that it will benefit you, I just wanted you to know that there are people working towards solutions to this devastating disease.

    Phil - good luck at the Open and bringing the silver trophy home to Amy.

  • They are narcissitic, shallow, self-centered people, and I have no compassion for either of them. Suddenly Phil is “important” because of this? What about the millions of non-wealthy women (and men) who deal with it? He should be ashamed. Mickelson has always been the golfer I respect least (after John Daly) and I know people who know him personally. The expression is that his tits are real and his smile is fake, Amy’s smile is real but her tits are fake. What a waste of money on ribbons and t-shirts, why not give it to research? and she wants a trophy? What a selfish, trivial person.

    Yeah, I had breast cancer, but I’d feel the same either way. I can’t stand any of them.

  • I think the person that commented before me is absolutely CRAZY. Evidently she has never been to a golf tournament and seen Phil tip his hat to the fans and smile so sincerely to all of the children as he walks by, while giving them a ball or just a fist pump. Phil and Amy are AWESOME, CHRISTIAN people that support so many charities and I hope and pray that Amy beats this horrible cancer with flying colors.

    Phil and Amy, we love you, and you are in our thoughts and prayers!!

  • Dear Phil, Sally is an IDIOT. Cancer is not a joke. But with a great Strong Mind, it can be beat. And that great smile of yours and Amy’s is a great start. The Devil hates people that smile, because with a smile, he can’t read what is in your heart, it drives him crazy. My Wife and I both had Cancer in the past 8yrs for me, (throat) and going on five for my Wife, (breast) We both looked at Cancer as a tremendous challange, and with Smiles and pure Courage, we won. Smile every day Phil and Amy, and will tell you, it takes tremendous Courage to win, But you both know by Phils profession what that is. Us it. God Bless my Friend and Bless Sally to, for she knows what she says. SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE AND SMILE some more


  • Cancer is definitely not something to take lightly. I lost several of my relatives with this dreadful disease. This has inspired me to start two sites on how to check for breast cancer and DCIS breast cancer. In fact DCIS breast cancer is a condition that is overlooked by many women.


  • comment  ROBERT DAVIDSON Says:

    I am keen to make contact with your Michael Fricke Is this possible via this method?

    Regards Robert Davidson

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