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Increase your Swing Speed and hit it (almost) as far as Phil!

filesmall Equipment | commentmall Written by BigRed
Hitting it longer is one of the things that every amateur golfer dreams of. But simply swinging harder is not always the best way to increase your clubhead speed. With the help of the Medicus PowerMeter you can find out your swing speed with every club and then start making the right adjustments.

As you certainly know there are several factors that influence the distance you hit a golf ball: A good swing plane is important as is the right material (e.g. driver loft, shaft flexibility etc.). But let’s be honest: The most important factor for distance is your swing speed and - as a direct consequence of that - your clubhead speed.

I am very tall and therefore got great leverage, but muscle-wise I resemble a marathon runner rather than a sprinter: durable, but slow. I hit my driver only about 230 yards carry so swing speed has always been an issue for me. I am constantly on the lookout for tricks and tools that can help to get my club head speed up without having to spend the rest of my life in the gym.

A few weeks ago I got my hands on a tool called the Medicus PowerMeter. It is a little device you can easily fit on any club in your bag (well, I didn’t try it on my putter, but that wouldn’t make much sense, right?) and that tells you the clubhead speed for every shot you hit. Knowing your clubhead speed free online pokies game is pokie online essential if you want to increase it. You might discover that hitting it harder does actually decrease your clubhead speed and that control and balance are often more imporant than brute force.
After hitting balls with that little thing of magic on two weekends I increased my driver clubhead speed by roughly 3-4 miles which should give me an additional 10 yards on every tee shot.

Medicus PowerMeter

I can’t wait until I tee it up with my buddies again tomorrow ;-) Sounds interesting? You can purchase the Medicus PowerMeter on their website for only $19,95 and benefit from the following features:

  • It works with your Driver, Fairway woods, and Irons
  • The PowerMeter is easily interchangeable between clubs
  • It tightly fits on any shaft size
  • It is programmable to golfer & club specifications
  • You can now achieve the ultimate swing
  • It has a large, easy to read LCD
  • 5 Stroke Programmable Memory
  • Reads Clubhead Speeds and golf club swing speeds up to 145 MPH (233 kph)
Medicus PowerMeter

If you have tried the Medicus PowerMeter or similar devices please share your experience through the comment function. Enjoy a longer walk to your golf ball!

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