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Mickelson wins 2010 Masters, Fourth Career Major!

filesmall Majors | commentmall Written by BigRed
Phil Mickelson has won his third green jacket in the 2010 edition of the US Masters after beating England's Lee Westwood by three shots. The victory became even more special for Phil when he realized that his wife Amy was waiting for him behind the 18th green. She hasn't been to a golf tournament since she was diagnosed with breast cancer 11 months ago.

Phil Mickelson has won the US Masters for the third time in his career by beating overnight leader Lee Westwood (ENG) by three shots. Starting the final round one shot behind Westwood, Mickelson made five birdies in a flawless round of 67 (-5). He sealed the victory with a spectacular 6-iron out of the trees and from more than 200 yds. away on the 13th hole that set up an eagle chance from about four feet.

Phil Mickelson wins 2010 US Masters

In the most emotional moment of a tournament marked by Tiger Woods’ return to professional golf and an extraordinary display of golf by the world’s top players, Phil was congratulated by his wife Amy behind the 18th green. It was Amy’s first visit to a golf tournament since the Players Championship last May.

A more detailed story on the Masters tournament will follow as soon as possible. Please feel free to use the comment function to congratulate Phil on this fantastic victory!

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33 Responses to “Mickelson wins 2010 Masters, Fourth Career Major!”


    You make me love golf.

  • comment  wolyong,Jung Says:

    Great Phil, Congraturation Congraturation Congraturation Congraturation Congraturation Congraturation Congraturation Congraturation Congraturation Congraturation

    Your Great golf & Gentlemanship in the game MASTERS

  • comment  Harold Schmidt Says:

    Congratulations, you made all of us happy that A “family man” won the biggest tournament of the year!

    Harold and Pat Schmidt

  • comment  Joanne Ziegler Says:

    The BEST man won. The BEST player won!! Phile is a man that values what’s important. Faith, Family and the essence of what AMERICAN wants and needs!! Thanks for taking the slim out of the game and reminding us that men can be champions on, and off the course. May God shower your family with endless blessings!!!

  • comment  Illinois Bob Says:

    Laura Ingraham,on her radio show today 4/12;said that Phil was a spoiled brat & only talked about himself. OMG,she really displayed her stupidity this time.

  • comment  yungfuchiu Says:

    You’re the best.

  • What a joy to watch! We are thrilled with your win and hope you will come to the Greenbrier in West Virginia for it’s inaugural tournament.

  • comment  fernando Says:

    Phil, you was amazing, god bless you from Bolivia

  • Congratulations on a great win yesterday. My family wishes yours only the best. Looking forward to watching you at the next tournament.

  • Phil,
    Loved to see you win, and I got choked up when you hugged your wife and the tear rolled down your cheek.

    But, please stop working for Barclays. They are a horrible, hate filled company, who has the majority of their employees working from the Philippines, taking jobs from a hurting US economy. They suck people in with great promotions then whack ‘em with a 30% interest rate. They are thieves, and a great guy you should have nothing to do with them.

  • comment  Robert Says:

    I’ve not always been a fan of Phil but all I can say is well done Phil and heartfelt congratulations. You played so well and didn’t even have any bogeys in his final round - a true Champion’s round! Your shot at the 13th showed courage and determination and is one of the best shots that I’ve ever seen. You played tough and hard in what was obiously going to be a very emotional day for you with your sick wife Amy and your family at the course.
    As for Tiger “I have changed” Woods - fat chance. They say that a Leopard can’t change its spots, well nor can a Tiger change its (his) stripes! Not only did Woods let off a foul-mouth tirade at the 6th but he also later on let out a “Jesus Christ” after another bad shot. His post game interview also showed the same old arrogance and attitude - no contrition, just “Me Tiger, Me Good, Me know better than anyone else”. All the spin doctors in the world won’t help this jerk - Yes! That’s what he is! Hopefully Elin has now got a better “out package” from this cheat! She’ll need it! Contrast Woods behaviour with the dignity, humility and bearing of winner Phil, whose wife Amy has battled breast cancer for the last year, and the moving post-game embraces of Phil and his family! It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. As I said before, I’ve not always been a fan of Phil but I’d take him anyday over this plastic, foul-mouthed, arrogant, Nike-sponsored phoney called Woods!

  • comment  Michele Says:

    i’m just looking again the last round of Masters: in the second nine holes, an amazing Phil!
    Many greetings from Italy

  • comment  Madlynn Shinn Says:

    I consider myself your #1 fan!! You are amazing, and, what’s more you are a wonderful person!! I wouldn’t miss watching you play, and, hope someday I could meet you?! I am loyal whether you’re “on” or “off”!! I had goose bumps, and, was crying for joy to watch you win The Masters, and, see Amy and the kids there to share it with you!! I pray Amy and your mom “beat it”, and, continue to get stronger!! Congratulations!! Go for all 4 in 2010 as well as the Fedex Cup!! You deserve it for all the good you do for so many!!

  • It is wonderful to see the good husband and good father come out on top! And of course Phil is the great golfer too.

  • Congrats Phil on a big win! I must admit that since 1996 I’ve been a huge Tiger fan. I am African American, so it seems natural to gravitate toward him. However, with the way that you’ve handled yourself through the illnesses of your wife and mother, I respect that alot. Also, the way that you handle yourself around your fans is great. Last year, I attended the Deutsche Bank Fedex Tournament and I learned that you put down some cash and treated people in the refreshment area to food and drinks. That’s classy. Can’t picture Tiger doing that! I wish you continued success.

    PS Your Secrets of The Short Game is excellent!

  • All I can say is “thank you”, for giving me one of the most enjoyable weekends of watching golf that I have had in the past year. Your play was incredible. I have been a “Phil fan” for as long as he has been on the tour. I found an instant connection with his persona sharing the label of being “former Sun Devils” - different sports and at a different time, but ASU loyalists. I hope to see you play personally in Milwaukee……

  • comment  Bobbi Rollins Says:

    Thank you Phil … for golf, for family values and for an incredible journey that we love! You epitomize integrity, quality and humor … all great human traits!

  • Congrats Phil!! You are the man!! Now if you could only get Tin Cup released in blu ray…..

  • comment  jacques Says:

    Way to go Phil
    Most precious moment from your win was when you hug Amy and the kids.
    Having a family is your best asset Phil
    Woods has no class compare to you. If he had won, with whom to share his victory, nobody except his mistresses…..

  • Great win for the good guys Phil! You are the greatest with a special kind of class and kindness.

  • comment  Johnny 5 Says:

    Phil is the People’s Champion - Great Shot on 13

  • comment  Johnny 5 Says:

    Phil is the People’s Champion. Great Shot on 13

  • Phil, I was never so excited as I was on Sunday to see you win your green jacket. Your golf game was outstanding, but you sure did a number on your fans on the emotional level. God bless you and your family. We are wishing the very best for Amy’s recovery.

  • Phil, I have always been a fan and I thank you for a Masters I will never forget. I wish you the best in this years majors and I am happy to see Amy and the family out on the course. What you’ve gone through with your family and how you’ve handled it has been an inspiration to a lot of people.

  • Phil, you are the greatest! Way to go. Tiger got the press all week but you got the jacket. I was really glad to see you put it on and cover up the shirt you were wearing. Why do you wear shirts that are two sizes too small for you? It makes you look like a dork. I mean, you are a little fat and those medium shirts you wear just accentuate the bulges. Come on Phil, it’s embarrassing to see your love handles sticking out when you swing. Keep up the great play but please get some shirts that fit fat guys.

  • Phil, it was great to see you in contention and even better to win. Your win proves that good guys don’t fininsh last all the time. Your family life and the way you conduct yourself makes YOU the perfect roll model. We will be praying for Amy and your mom.

  • comment  Rick Smith Says:

    Great things happen to great people. Truly inspiring victory!
    So glad to see Amy up and on the 18th green as well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  • comment  Mary Milner Says:

    Phil and Amy,
    What a joy to see you guys together after the MASTERS! Congratulations Phil on an awesome tournament. I was pretty sure after Saturday’s round that you were going to win. I felt that God was going to grace your family with this after the last 11 months of hardship. Sorrow endures for the night but joy comes in the morning. Your victory gave our family such joy as we have been fans of the Mickelson family since you came on tour. God bless you!

  • What can I say about a quality person like you! Just never forget the little people like me and all of your fans! You are all about class and Tiger will never have that over you! Just remember that money is a small fraction in life! Family is everything! I have seen the worst things in life like a family crying because their very young son passed away as they held him while I watched, fighting back the tears because I’m the one who has to be unhuman! And all my family wants is for me to come home, safe and alive but like so many of my fellow officers that never get too!
    Someday I would love to shake you hand in person and say thanks Phil, your compassion for life and family makes the difference!

  • To be an international fan of Phil, wish you win more & more. RECOVER soon. Good luck~

  • Recover soon.Good luck!

  • I have always liked Phil a lot. He works hard at the game. I do not find that he has the natural ability of a Tiger Woods. He keeps plugging along. Success could not come to a nicer fellow.

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