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Blog is live - What else do you want to see on phil-mickelson.com?

filesmall Internal | commentmall Written by BigRed

It took me quite some time but now the blog on phil-fanatics.

com is finally up and running. This is the first interactive feature on this website and I hope that you will use the comment in order to actively take part in this community.

Please let me know what else you would like to see on phil-fanatics.com. Everything is possible and I will definitely pay attention to your suggestions.

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88 Responses to “Blog is live - What else do you want to see on phil-mickelson.com?”

  • comment  John Barthelmess Says:

    I want to see his upcoming schedule like his old website.

    Thank You!

  • Yeah, I want to see his schedule as well.

  • Ditto for me as well. Interested to know how many events Phil has on tap for the rest of the year.


  • comment  D Kratz Says:

    I would think with Tiger out, this would be a good opportunity for Phil to win a few tournaments. Why has he skipped the last two?

  • Hi,

    could we get the video clips of Phil’s wins and tips to play good golf? I’m a lefty myself.


  • comment  Dianne Fleeman Says:

    I would like to see his upcoming schedule, also. Is he planning to play this week in the Congressional?

  • comment  J-Man Says:

    We really do need your schedule

  • comment  J-Man Says:

    Also it would be nice to have some highlights of his wins.

  • comment  BigRed Says:

    Hi all,
    a lot of you would like to get information on Phil’s schedule for the 2008 season or at least the next tournaments. As a first step into that direction I have added the two upcoming events in the left column.
    I am also in contact with Phil’s management company - Gaylord Sports Management - in order to obtain information on his full schedule.

  • Yup, gotta see the schedule. I’ve got $50 on Phil being the PGA money leader at the end of the season! I need to see when he’s playing! :-)

  • comment  rosalie Says:

    I for one have no faith in Phil at all. What have we seen so far?If phil would quit relying on Dave P to do is game he would be a better player. And noway will he lead the money list.

  • Hi to everyone, I´m also a huge fan too, I did travel all the way to The TPC Sawgrass just to see Phils game and I got to tell you, I have the impression that Phil is getting a little tired, I believe Phil has really being struggling with his mind, it´s not about the swing, it´s not about talent, it´s not about discipline, I guess It´s all about mind set.

    For me the good news are that he is getting very fit and I guess thats going to pay good money for him at the end of the road.

    Phil: You need to get rid of the pressure for being the #2 player on tour, you just got to remember, just remember ¿What do you want?, I guess there is the main power source for your mind set.

    Big Red: Nice Job!! for the web site…. there´s no doubt about it , VIDEO stuff would do it for me, I believe Phil is the more talented tour player around, I must say his game seems to me so natural that I would like to watch every film piece about Phil Mickelson´s career.

    From Cuernavaca, Mexico, my best for U all.

  • I would like to see a link to http://www.espys.tv so that everyone can vote for Phil for best golfer at the ESPY awards!! He should win!

  • comment  JAMES THOMPSON Says:


  • comment  MaddieG Says:

    Nice job, BigRed. For the calendar, I read in the paper that Phil will be playing in the HSBC again this year…November, I think. If possible, would love to see the date the latest or last comment is added to each blog. I hate to miss a comment.

  • comment  MaddieG Says:

    One additional calendar item…..thought Bridgestone started 31 July. No?

  • comment  BigRed Says:

    Hi MaddieG,
    you are absolutely right - my fault. Phil will sit out the week after the British Open (Canadian Open) and tee it up again on July 31st at the Bridgestone Invitational. Thanks for the remark and enjoy the site!

  • comment  Harm from the Netherlands Says:

    There All,

    What I realy like to see on P.M’s website is tips and tricks about playing left handed golf.
    I’m a dutchman and not so many people are playing golf with the lot of fun as P.M. does.
    I’ll find it still a bit strange to see people playing golf left handed. Althought I’m left handed to.
    I hope that I can met P.M. ones in the KLM Open in the Netherlands some time.

    Best Regards,


  • comment  Mary Chavenson Says:

    I’d like to find out if Phil is playing in NJ at the Barclays in August.

  • Would also like to see PM’s schedule. Seems like there are many requests for that info. How long does it take to create that info on this site?

  • comment  Mary Chavenson Says:

    according to http://www.nj.com in an article from July 21st, Phil IS playing in the Barclay’s in New Jersey. This info came from a comment about just playing the course and being excited about the tournament. Now I just need a baby sitter!!!!!!!!!!

  • comment  Richard Jacobson Says:

    Hey, Phat Phil,

    Tiger is recovering and will be back on the tour soon! Please, quit quacking in your boots; it’s not the most awful thing in the world to be rated far below Tiger. Keep up the good works, as runner or worse to Tiger!

  • comment  Rick Bunn Says:

    What does the KPMG on Phil’s hat stand for?

  • comment  broden Philips Says:

    Another great finish.
    Can you say Winged Foot?
    Good thing Tiger is not around.

  • comment  William Hans Says:

    Phil- Please get a new caddy. Bones is good but a great caddy needs to keep you on-track on-goal to the last hole. It’s time to finish with wins. If your tournament thinking becomes illogical and too perfect, your caddy needs to convince you to make another decisions and stay on task. Then, he is your true partner and not just a bag carrier.
    Huge fan,

  • comment  BigRed Says:

    @Rick Bunn: KPMG is an international auditing and consulting company and one of Phil’s main sponsors. The letters KMPG stand for the surnames of four gentlemen (Klynveld, Peat, Marwick, Goerdeler) that played an important role in the history of the company.

  • Where can I buy the umbrella that I seen Phil using in the final round of the PGA championship at Oakland Hills CC ?

  • comment  Dee and Bro Says:

    We love Phil - and cannot find him in this weekend’s schedule. Please do publish his schedule! Thanks.

  • comment  susan Louise Says:

    Will Phil be at the BMW this coming week? Thanks

  • Thank heavens Phil has reverted to the X9 putter. Why did it take so long for hime to relaise that this is the the putter that he’s good with, and not the blade one he was using pre-Ryder cup, nice-looking though it is. He’s dynamite with and has a history of great putting spells with the X9.

  • And again I gotta say: Keep using the X9 putter, Phil. When he was persisting to use the previous blade putter without success I would keep remonstrating with him on the TV: “Why are you still trying to use that putter”. “Get rid of it”. “Oh no, how could he miss that short putt by a mile”. Even with an allingment line milled into it. But did it help? Not one bit. I was driving my wife and buddies crazy telling them all that Phil is obviously ruining his scores with that putter…especially when he was pitching great balls close to the pin. He nearly even won the Tour Championship last week, scrambling through with the help of the X9, and that was achieved even with poor driving accuracy and pitching. He narrowly missed getting into the play-off by one shot in the closing holes..I believe the result of a very poor greenside chip.

    However, overall that putter kept him well in contention, and I believe that he hasn’t putted so well for a long time as he has in his last two competitions…with the X9 of course. Frequently he himself appeared surprised by some the putts he made last weekend…as was the crowd. This was the ol’ Phil glowing and enjoying his game…his putting, that is.

    Cheers from Ireland

  • comment  Melissa Sun Says:

    Phil is the reason this 30 year old female watches golf.

  • comment  paul franks Says:

    Phil, I,m one of your bigest fans, but I wonder why you dress the way you do. First,you should only wear the old style white visors , you have great looking hair and the cap hides your hair and makes your head look big. Second, the gray industrial looking pants have to go, if you have to wear this style pant wear black. Third,If , you must wear shirts that look too small with sleeves too short please get some tan on your arms. Whn putting listen for the ball to fall in .

  • comment  MargeMorosko Says:

    Phil, watched the skins game today. You’r looking good. About those new appliances. Would you consider giving me your old ones? Mine are old and not working too well. It would be most appreciated. I will some how manage to come and get them, I do not want to be a bother to you. Alwasys Marge

  • comment  Robert Sylvester Says:

    … Definately need his schedule posted…. :-)

  • I think everybody expects to much phil is human. But i think you need to get back to enjoying the game more dont worry about #1 or #2 when you play like you won your majors it was like nobody could beat you, the only thing you thought about going up 18 was the tournaments yours, your familys waiting with open arms. you were having fun get back to that and i dont think it will matter how old you are.

  • Would really like to see his schedule.

  • Is the era of PM over. He looked to inept at the FBR that it is hard to imagine that he’ll contend again.

  • comment  Charlotte Levi Says:

    I understand that Phil & Amy’s foundation will be helping out kids who have lost a parent in Iraq or Afghanistan and I’d like to offer my help. Would you please put someone in touch with me or could you put me in touch with the right person?

  • Hello Charlotte,
    I think you would be well advised to get in touch with Phil’s management company Gaylord Sports Management. Their website is http://www.gaylordsports.com/.

  • comment  LadyRose Says:

    Absolutely admire this man….but Phil, PLEASE ditch the white belt!
    Just say no!!! You are so much classier than that!!! Good luck in 2009…we’ll be watching!

  • To Phil,

    I’ve been a fan since you were at ASU, ‘cuz I live in San Diego. I followed Phil Rodgers, Gene Littler, Bill Casper, and a school buddy, Bill Brask. I’m glad to see you get the game back, hittin’ pretty well off the tee and putting sooo much better. Cheers to you and good luck!! Give Tiger some fits!! He needs challenges, and you can give it to him. I am old, retired and disabled, but I love the game, still get out and play golf once a week, thanks to lotsa back and knee surgery. Actually, I agree with these other comments, Phil, ditch the white belt, leave it to Sabo, Camillo and Anthony Kim.

    Mike Nichols

  • Phil,

    Who makes your shirts you wear on tour. I am loving the new ones.


  • comment  J. J. T. Says:

    We would like more information on Phil’s charity for the surviving children of of those servicepeople who lost their lives in the war against terror. We have a scholarship and we are looking for qualified high scholl seniors to give money to.

  • Folks: I would like to find who makes Phil’s golf shirt. It has a inner button down feature on the collar. Thanks, Jeff Post

  • comment  Marlene D Says:

    WOuld like to see Phil’s 09 schedule on the web site, when he is playing next?

  • 2 posts now for who makes Phil’s golf polos…Don’t leave us hanging…Thanks

  • comment  Lipoutlefty Says:

    What kind of putter is Phil using at the World Golf Championship - CA Championship? It looks like it has an Odyessy insert but they don’t make blade putters like that, do they?

  • I so wish Phil had access to kangen water…perhaps some day. It has had a profound hydrating effect on my family. Would someone with direct contact with Phil go to youressentialwater.com ?

  • Lipoutlefty,

    Callaway and Odyessy will make Phil any putter he wants. Phils always putted with a blade, so they made him one.

  • let us see where he is in all tournaments and when he’s playing, when he’s not and how is his health

  • comment  tom nicksick Says:


    Please kick some butt at Augusta! You owe it to someone’s caddy, in particular, for his arrogant statements that reflect a lot on what must be said between those two. You along with most of the tour players show great respect on the course for each other. However, it seems the media enjoys shining a light on actions that a gentleman should not emulate. I love your game Phil. Good luck this weekend and the rest of the year.

  • comment  ed vitasa Says:

    I really believe that Phil is the only one who can compete with Tiger one-on-one. I have been observing Phil and Tiger ever since I started playing golf and I think Phil is more gifted. The only difference is that Tiger has been able to intimidate his opponents. Case in point was last week’s Bay hill where I can see O’haire looking at Tiger with awe. He should have quit looking at Tiger and should have played his own game. Tiger gets nervous too,as evidenced by what I saw from his facial expression at the British Open some years ago when Duval was making a charge.So my small piece of advise to Phil is just play his game and let Tiger be the one to think about Phil. This is the right time to beat him, and if Phil beats him and wins this Master, I will guarantee that Phil will beat him most of the time.

  • Phil, I enjoy watching you play each week, I have a suggestion on your attire, please wear clothes that are not tight across your chest and the white pants needs to go, you look your best in black or tan pants with shirts that are loose around your chest and never wear a white belt with black pants and a black top that is a fashion no, no,….I continue to watch you regardless of what you are wearing,but rather not have to defend you each time when you wear not so flattering clothing.
    Good luck, at the Masters, Keep the faith :)

  • Sorry Nancy
    Phil may be the 2nd best golfer in the sport but 2nd from the bottom in fashion sense. Phil needs someone to tell him his build is closer to Ernie Els than Sergio Garcia. Ernie and Sergio always look good but could you imagine Ernie trying to dress like Sergio. Phil needs to play like the younger Phil and have fun and not try to play like Tiger or dress like Camillo. Get rid of 4 of his 5 coaches and simplify his game. Phil’s superior short game is where he has an advantage to any other golfer even Tiger and is the key to staying in tournaments until his driver gets going. Phil can beat anyone but never be as consistant as most people expect.

  • What brand of golf shirts was Phil wearing at the Masters? They actually looked very good on him. can you post this info on Mickelson.com?

  • comment  Bradley Rolfe Says:

    Hey Phil,
    I’am Doing a essay paper in English about you, I’am a lefty also and three others in my family. So I was looking for stuff and found your website, which was helpful thank you. I also needed a hard book cover, so I looked up your name and this “ONE MAGICAL SUNDAY (but winning isn’t everything)” book came up, is great. Congradulations on that win. Keep up the good work :)

    WOW 10 balls around the cup trying to make 100 putts, thats some good practice, I should start doing that my putting isn’t good yet.
    Keep your caddy “BONES”

  • comment  Bradley Rolfe Says:

    I was you play to your great :)

  • comment  Bradley Rolfe Says:

    I mean I watch you play, you doing great keep it up :)

  • comment  Tawnya Carlson Says:

    I went to Charlotte yesterday (Tuesday) in hopes of seeing you there. Maybe next year. I absolutely love to watch you play and I’m always glued to the set when you are on. If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would be enjoying golf this much, I would have laughed right at you. Now, I don’t leave my house on Saturday & Sundays.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll be cheering you on this weekend.

  • comment  Carole Higgins Says:

    Nancy and Ken

    Chuckled when I read your messages, watched the Masters on television and totally agree with you the white trousers have got to go. When Phil appeared in this outfit I thought “Oh no, has he not looked in a mirror” needless to say my husband came out with a few choice comments. Please stick with your usual colour outfits!!!!

  • comment  Sandy Hale Says:

    I’ve rooted for Phil like a Chicago Cubs fan, which is a mix of joy and suffering. I’m a huge fan of Phil, but the white belts have got to go!!! He has not had a round at or under par when he wears a white belt, on top of it, white belt and “white look” just doesn’t become him. The CBS golf announcers even remarked about his play with the white belt outfits. Dump the patten leather belts!!! Of all colors and play your good golf. Major tournaments coming up that shouldn’t be whited out!!!!


  • comment  Pedro Pin Says:

    Dear Phil :

    I just read about the Amy^s upcoming operation for breast cancer.

    I hope the operation is successful for the sake of all the family,
    but specially for Amy. My prayers are with all of you.



  • comment  Trish S Says:

    Dear Phil,
    I just read about your decision to suspend your golfing career to spend time with your wife during this emotional medical ordeal.

    Sending strength and healthy vibes to Amy while our thoughts and prayers go to the whole family.

    May we see a speedy recovery for Amy and a return for both of you!

    Best wishes ~ Trish

  • comment  Stephen Dahl Says:

    Phil and Amy - upon reading the news today I just wanted to say I sorry I for you and your family. We will be praying for Amy as well as your whole family. I also wanted to say that your decision to suspend your career to be with Amy and your family during this time is a wonderful testimony to placing your family in front of personal goals. May God bless you and be with you in a special way during these days.

  • comment  Don Mckee Says:

    Amy & Phil - I was shocked to read on Yahoo that Amy has breast cancer. My emotional reaction was as if it were a dear friend or family member. No, No, No, I thought outloud. I suppose it’s because Amy and her wonderful family have been so affectionately visible. Also knowing she survived a life threatening illness some years ago, how she is so adored by Phil and what this must be like for him. I want to express my hope that Amy’s treatment is successful and that she has a speedy recovery. I was fortunate to be one who witnessed the joyfully beautiful and heart-warming family scene, Amy and Phils’ children running onto the 18th green at Augusta when Phil won his first major golf tournament, then Amy and Phil embracing. Something I will never forget and surely hope to see again. We’re pulling for you Amy. See you again soon, walking the fairways with that ever-present sweet smile.
    Sincerely, Don Mckee - Jupiter, Florida.

  • comment  Lawrence Stallard Says:

    Amy and Phil, my thoughts and prayers are with you both. Easy to say, but try to be positive. Your three children are the most important people in your life. Try to be strong for them. Keep a positive frame of mind. The human brain is an incredible piece of engineering. Use it. PMA, Positive Mental Attitude.

  • comment  patricia Says:

    dear phil and amy

    i am in remision from lung cancer and brain tumor. the best treatment place is the cancer tretment center of america there is one in arizona. be kind to one another if when it get rough. god bless u both my prayers are with u.

  • Amy & Phil
    I went through something similar with my wife years ago. Like others have said, keeping positive in this troubling time is very important. Phil, you are my #1 golfer just on personality. You, Amy, & our children are the first family of golf. I pray for Amy. I’ll be at Bethpage in June thinking about you and your family and hoping everything is going well. Hopefully, I’ll see you at next year’s Open. I’ve vowed to go to everyone until you win it so I can see the joy you and your family have. God bless.- Bill Van Horn-New Port Richey, FL

  • comment  Charlie Wall Says:

    To the Mickelson Family,

    “May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past.”
    Don’t give up the fight. My prayers are with you all.
    Charlie Wall
    Quincy, MA

  • comment  ed cohen Says:

    for all of you bloggers, this web ssite is not Phil’s; it is not authorizd by Phil; and most importantly, the person who runs it has ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION WITH PHIL, HIS MANAGEMENT TEAM, OR ANY ONE ELSE IN GOLF

  • comment  ed cohen Says:

    TO CHARLIE WALL–unfortunately, your kind thoughts about Phil will go unread by Phil as he has nothing to do with this webb site

  • comment  Victor Armenta-Valdes Says:

    Hello Phil,

    I am Victor. I am 12 years old and I am a huge fan of yours (watching from Mexico). I wanted to ask you something. In your dvd of Secrets of the Short Game, you said in order to square up properly, it will help with a heel-shafted putter. I have the shaft in the middle. You explained but I did not understand. Why is it easier squaring up with a heel-shafted putter than a middle shafted putter?

    Greetings from Mexico,
    Victor Armenta-Valdes

  • comment  Diann L'Hirondelle Says:

    To Charlie Wall, Victor Armenta-Valdes, et al:

    You can however send personal messages to Phil and Amy through his official website at http://www.philmickelson.com. They go through his management company but have a better chance of reaching him than your blog posts on here.

  • comment  Mary Louise Collins Says:

    I am a great super fan of Phil. Please can you help me out…. I am looking for the schedule of 2010 and when perhaps Phil will be in Florida. I am a Canadian and I stay in Florida for the winter.
    My dream is to actually see Phil and if I am really lucky obtain his autograph. Please let me know … will Phil be in Florida playing 2010.
    thank you kindly,
    Mary Lou


    Bryan Longlois

    i will pray and watch for your response

  • comment  DiAnna Greer Says:

    I would like to see where Phil is playing.

  • comment  Trevor Thibodeau Says:

    Excuse the interruption, but if someone knows how to contact Phil and Amy, please tell them to visit “phoenixtears.ca”, watch the film “Running from the Cure”, and try Rick Simpsons oil. I have a friend at work who’s mother’s breast tumour disappeared using the oil. The doctors are baffled. I also know of someone who was confined to a wheelchair because of MS, and is now up and walking around as a result of using the oil.

    Spread the word, don’t run from the cure.


  • All I want to say to Phil is that I am a family man! And that I will always be behind you 4 ever! I think you are the best golfer in the world and I’m always defending that! I’m here for you Buddy!

  • Phil! You would not believe how much I have to defend you over Tiger Woods! You are by far the best goler in my mind and millions of other golfers and family men like me! The law is behind you in PA.

  • Sorry to all who saw my spelling mistake! It was to be said, The best golfer in my mind and millions of other golfers and family men like me!

  • I have ALWAYS been a HUGE Greg Norman fan–LOVED him!! But now that he is not doing much playing anymore, YOU are now my favorite. Watching how you present yourself, how you are with the fans, and for how you are standing right beside Amy and your mother–you are an AMAZING man. I watched the Masters when you and Amy hugged and were crying–that made ME cry. I hope that you can win ALLLLLLL the majors and get MORE than Tiger. You are MUCH better man than Tiger will EVER be. I wish you nothing but the best and Good Luck at the British Open.

  • comment  Bob Macklin Says:

    Phil are you going to make a trip half way around the world 10 days before the Ryder Cup Competition? You certainly let your fans and a major sponsor of yours, Barclays, down by going off to China 10 days before a semi-major event. I wonder if you will take that trip before the 2011 Master’s. All to contribute to building a golf course or two. Time change and jet lag are tough for a 20 year old body to adjust let alone a 40 year old body. One or the other Phil since it appears you can’t handle both. Bob (becoming a less enthusiastic fan.)

  • comment  Tribal Chairman Says:

    Notah Begay III is very unprofessional… He is noticably bias and hateful toward Phil… Phil is a class act… Begay is a friend of the biggest disgrace in sports history, Tiger Woods, Begay enabled this loser to almost destroy the great game of golf. The Masters and Golf Channel need to look a little closer at this AAA member who was arrested for drunk driving! Southwest Tribal Chairman

  • comment  Mack D Jones, MD Says:

    Phil should have a sleep study to rule out obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). There is a possibility of an association with psoriatic artheritis and treatment of OSA with PAP can potentially slow it’s progression (not to mention a number of medical problems.
    Check out “Deadly Sleep,” Is Your Sleep Killing You? It is an informational booklet about OSA, it’s consequences and treatment.

  • comment  RYKESTER Says:

    Phil- I also have Psoriatic Arthritis. I have also used Enbrel, however, I found that homeopathically, my PH was way out of balance, which I feel was causing the problem. I now only require a tablespoon of “Apple Cider Vinegar” in a cup of tea with honey every morning and no longer require any Enbrel shots. PH strips are available at any health food store. Way to go Phil…Keep winning! - Rykester

  • comment  Robert Martin Says:

    Hey Phil, As Keegan Bradley’s mentor, can you get him to stop Spitting? You may have even had to stand in his spit today (2/19/2012)

  • comment  Al Depto Says:

    Hi Phil, Simply said; 1,600,000 men have died for this country to protect you and I. What you said about taxes is CORRECT. When you get my age you will have desired to have spoken out more regarding your beliefs. Please let NO one silence you. Al (a Left Handed Golfer).

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