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Medicus Driver: Useless Gadget or helpful Training Aid?

filesmall Instruction | commentmall Written by BigRed

I have to admit that I am somewhat old-fashioned when it comes to golf equipment in general and practice aids in particular.

I still carry a three iron and have never used a hybrid golf club or a rangefinder.  I have never even thought about getting one of these funky practice gadgets that you see some of the pros use on the range from time to time.

However, at the beginning of this season I finally switched my almost ten year old driver for a new model (one of those with the really big heads) and – probably not surprising for anyone who knows a little bit about golf – can honestly say that I am hitting it both longer (a lot) and straighter (a bit) than before. Even though the new weapon is lot more forgiving that my old driver, I still come from the outside a lot and tend to hit pulls or slices.

Having said all this, you will understand that I was somewhat pessimistic when a friend of mine showed up on the range the other day with the Medicus Driver. The Medicus Driver is a swing trainer that looks just like any other 460cc driver but it has two hinges (see picture) that break whenever the player swings too fast/slow or leaves the correct swing path. Even though it is promoted by guys like Mark O’Meara or Hank Haney, I always considered it to be good only for making fun of someone if you managed to make them hit balls with the Medicus Driver but without noticing the “specialty” of the club.

I gave it a try though and it took me about fifteen balls until I first managed to make a full swing without one of the hinges breaking. That devastating experience spurred my ambition and I continued to hit balls (or at least try) with the club: After a while I realized that I had to start my backswing a lot slower and take the club more to the outside to keep the club from breaking.

If you are interested in the Medicus Driver can you purchase it directly on the web for around $120:

Medicus Driver
Includes the Medicus Dual-Hinge 460cc Driver as well as the following, more or less useful items:

  • Dual-Handle Putter Trainer
  • Drive Like a Pro Instruction DVD (featuring Mark O`Meara)
  • Top Tips from the Pros (featuring Mark O`Meara and Bruce Fleisher)
  • Introduction to Stack and Tilt DVD
  • Swing like a Pro Drills DVD
  • 10 Minutes to Tremendous Power E-Book
Click here for more information on the Medicus Driver.

Since this post is not sponsored by Medicus I want to be honest and tell you that even after several weeks of regular practice with the Medicus Driver I am still hitting a lot of lousy shots. But they are coming less frequently and even my bad shots are a lot better than before. It seems that the Medicus Driver has really helped me to improve both my rhythm and swing plane which is crucial if you’re struggling to hit it straight.

If anyone of you has tried the Medicus Driver or a similar products,  please share your experiences with all our readers through the comment function.

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2 Responses to “Medicus Driver: Useless Gadget or helpful Training Aid?”

  • comment  Trevor Ryan Says:

    I have been using the Medicus 5 Iron for a very long time. Whenever I get into a slump I always go to the range and hit a large bucket of balls with only the Medicus 5 Iron. The most important thing it helps me with is rhythm and tempo. If I am striking the ball well I can hit the Medicus 5 Iron almost as far as mt regular 5 Iron.

  • If you are anything like me, you’ll find a big improvement in your golf swing after using the Medicus club. Best tool I’ve found for improving my swing.

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