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Golf Workout: How to get in shape for the new season

filesmall Instruction | commentmall Written by BigRed

A significantly improved fitness has been the key to success for many professional golfers in recent years.

Ever since Tiger Woods has conquered the world of golf, a comprehensive golf workout is part of every serious golfer’s daily routine. It is not only the young guys like Anthony Kim, Camillo Villegas or Sergio Garcia but also older players like Phil Mickelson, Padraig Harrington or – last, but definitely not least – Vijay Singh who are following a strict golf workout regimen to improve their flexibility and strength. It helps them to hit the ball further, improve their accuracy and avoid fatigue and injuries.

The most important lesson for amateur golfers should be that fitness is crucial for every player, regardless of their skill level. While being in good shape is absolutely indispensable for the pros on the PGA Tour, a good golf workout might be the easiest way for amateur golfers to improve quickly and noticeable.

Most of us do not have the time for a daily golf workout and if there is time for golf, we rather spend it on the range or the course than in the gym. Hence it is crucial to work out efficiently and without losing motivation after a short period of time.

I was therefore immediately excited when a friend pointed me to the website of iTrain.com. It is a company founded by a fitness expert in the Hollywood training industry and an entertainment industry executive. They have developed a fitness programm that allows users to download their personalized golf workout onto any MP3 player.

iTrain for Golf

iTrain for Golf
Price: $39,99
Get 10% off with promotion code TRAIN10

  • The ultimate virtual personal-training tool
  • Highly motivating audio golf workout
  • Specifically designed to improve endurance, strength and flexibility on the golf course
  • Concentrates on training the most important “golf muscles”
  • Combines high energy music and voice over of celebrity fitness trainers
  • Your personal trainer on the go!

The iTrain.com golf workout is designed to develop the endurance, strength, and flexibility needed for peak performance on the golf course. It does include MP3 workouts as well as a full video (40 min – see screenshots) with various exercises for the most important “golf muscles” (lower back, abs, shoulders, harmstrings/thighs). iTrain for Golf does cost $39,99 but that seemed like a bargain compared to all the money I keep on investing in range balls, lessons, equipment etc. 

iTrain for Golf Video iTrain for Golf Video

Even though the next round of golf might seem like a million years away in the cold of early January, now is definitely the best time to start. So here is my new year’s resolution: I am sure that if I can dedicate myself to this new golf workout for only two hours per week, I will be in much better shape for the start of the 2009 season.

Of course I will keep you posted on my (lack of) success with the iTrain for Golf workout – please use the comment function to let me know how you use the winter months to shape up for the new golf season.

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6 Responses to “Golf Workout: How to get in shape for the new season”

  • comment  Indahole Says:

    I actually believe that Phil’s workout schedule has hurt him. He doesn’t spend as much time around the greens as he use to. His 2007-2008 stats bear this out. If he still spends the same amount of time around the green I feel his newfound strength has led to a decrease in his feel. I do feel his new workout scheme has led to added endurance towards the final holes, however i feel that his workout regime has damaged his short game. Does anyone else agree?

  • No, I don’t agree. He has probably the best short game ever, so it’s worth it for him to lose some touch to gain endurance and strength…

  • yes, I have to agree. i really dont think he has the best short game ever, and i think all players no matter the age should do some golf exercises like the ones here

  • comment  John Mccann Says:

    he has enormous man boobs…has he used his workouts to make them bigger, or did he get a mnn-boob job…

  • comment  John Mccann Says:

    Phil, take some putting lessons in lieu of the workouts you are clearly forgoing anyway…

  • I purchased the p90x DVD’s off online a little more than a month ago. I’d seen the commercials several times and sifted though a load of reviews before I purchased the product.Thanks dinmomnidwzl.

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