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Amy and Mary are doing better Return to PGA Tour still uncertain

filesmall Private | commentmall Written by BigRed

In a

statement issued on his official website a few days ago Phil Mickelson said that both his wife Amy and his mother Mary are seeing encouraging results in their fight against breast cancer.

The Mickelson family spent the past week in Houston where Phil’s mother Mary had surgery on July 15. Just like her mother-in-law, Amy Mickelson is being treated at MD Anderson Cancer Center and is obviously doing much better: “The best news is that the cancer has not spread to the lymph nodes, which improves our chances of beating this in the short and long term”, Phil wrote.

Despite Buy Viagra the Viagra good news nothing is certain with respect to Phil’s return to professional golf. He last teed it up in the US Open in late June when he finished in a tie for second place. During an event in New Jersey Mickelson said that he might compete in the The Barclays at Liberty National Golf Club at the end of August. If he would return to the PGA Tour for that tournament it would mean that he would miss the PGA Championship, the last major of the 2009 season. It will be played at Hazeltine National Golf Club from August 13 – 16.

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12 Responses to “Amy and Mary are doing better Return to PGA Tour still uncertain”

  • comment  Lynn Miculcy Says:

    Phil and family….I hear that both Amy and your Mother are doing good. I pray that they both can beat breat cancer.

    On a different note. I just heard on the news you will return to golf next weekend. I wish you only the best. I saw you play at the Barkley’s 2 years ago and it was the thrill of my life. I almost got your autograph, but you had to leave. Again I wish you and your family only the good things…

    A 77 year old Grandmother who has never played golf, but loves to watch…. I’ll be rooting for all of you: You, Amy and your Mother.
    Sincerely , Lynn Miculcy

  • comment  Linda Johnson Says:

    I am praying for your family. Healing prayers for Amy and your mother. Strength and peace knowing God is with you for all of you.

    God Bless you all,
    Linda Johnson

  • comment  thomas lovett Says:

    Dear Phil My golf game is not the same without your tricks from the long stuff, I miss you,I pray for your family every day. May GOD bless you and your family. We need you back on the PGA soon. I don’t even watch golf without you there. yours truly the rough golfer.

  • My very best wishes for a successful return to action,Phil. You are truly an American Icon and a gentleman of the highest calibre. Your personna as a true sportsman of the game will be long rememebered and cherished following your golfing days. My best wishes for the speedy recovery of your wife,Amy,and your mother.

    You are America’s best!!!! PJC / Des Moines,Iowa.

  • comment  Holly Griffin Says:

    Thoughts and prayers from our BIG golf family to yours. We happend to be sitting 3 rows behind you guys last night at he DMB concert and back in the lounge and I’m glad every one was having a great time. Best wishes to your whole family.

    The Griffins.

  • comment  William Newman Says:

    To Phil and all of his family,
    We send our wishes for a complete recovery both for your Wife and Mother.
    William Newman in England

  • comment  Teresa Petty Says:

    I understand what it is like to have someone you love have this diease. I read that they both are responding well to the treatment.
    That is wonderful news and I wish them the fastest recovery.

    I do have one request not for myself, for my dad. You are his favorite golfer. He has play for over 30 plus years, with only one hole in one, which he is very proud of. He was diagnosed with esophagus cancer 2 months ago and it is terminal. He was the Cheif Fire Arson Investigator for Dyer County Fire Department in The State of Tennessee for more than 30 years and also at the same time a licenced E.M.T. and Police Officer, he also served his country in the army. I am proud of my dad and what he choose to do with his life. Now he fights something he will not beat and it sadden me to see him like this. You could make a 66 year young man very happy with an autograph picture of you. His name is Bob Ramey aka as (RAMBO). I hope you see my comment and beleive what I’ve shared with you. I am very sincere and hope to hear from you.
    one of your many fans Teresa

  • Phil,

    I’m currently watching you play the PGA and you look so sad. I think it must be very difficult for you to clear your head not to think of Amy and your mom. I wish you the best of luck and even if you don’t win, we all love watching you play. You’re so much fun to watch. Of course you are our favorite player. Good luck to you and your family!

  • comment  Maria Gomez Says:

    I am writing to say I support the cause on breast cancer. I walk 60 miles once a year. This will be my 7th year walking in the 3-day Susan G. Komen walk. I walk for my best friend who passed away from BC 4 years ago this month. I host a fund raiser golf tournament to raise funds to support breast cancer. This year at my tournament I will do it in honor of your mom and your wife along with all women and men that have to fight this battle. My tournament is held at El Rancho Verdge golf course in Rialto. I hope to be able to raise enough funds for my team to walk the 60 miles. My sincere wishes to you family…

  • comment  DUANE GRENDELL Says:

    Please look into vitamin B17 treatment for cancer. You can google it and see the results I think you will be surprised.

  • Congradulations on winning the Master’s tournament. You are my favorite PGA professional and your conduct and the way you treat the fans. I’m also happy your wife is doing well and I certainly hope she continues to do so.

    You have a wonderful family and I wish you all the best in your personnel life and hope you will win more major

    John Snell

  • comment  Jan Hoffer Says:


    Congratulations on the 2010 Masters. I wish you and your family the best of luck fighting this horrible disease. You and your family are in our prayers and hope Amy and your Mom get better soon. You are my favorite golfer and I watch only when you are playing. You are a great person and wish you much luck in the future personally and on the course. Amy looked wonderful at the Masters and it was so good to see her.

    Take Care and Best Wishes
    Jan Hoffer

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