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Tiger Woods caddie insults Phil Mickelson

filesmall Various | commentmall Written by BigRed

Steve Williams has somewhat of a history with respect to losing control on and off the golf course.

He once took an expensive camera from a spectator and hurled it into a water hazard after the camera’s owner allegedly took a picture during Woods’ backswing.

It is also widely known that Williams and Phil Mickelson are not best buddies. However, it came as somewhat of a surprise shock when Williams said: “I wouldn’t call Mickelson a great player, ‘cause I hate the prick”, according to the Guardian newspaper of Britain. Williams, who is enjoying a lot of spare time while his boss is recuperating from knee surgery, roshe run nm br made the statement in front of 250 people during a charity golf event in New Zealand.

Going into the wrong direction: Steven Williams (pictured with Tiger Woods)

Williams later added that he has no respect for Phil Mickelson and retold a story from the 2002 US Open at Bethpage that included Mickelson’s breasts (“Hey Phil, nice tits…”).

A number of newspapers were quick to classify Williams’ comment as yet another milestone in the far-from-perfect relationship between golf superstars Woods and Mickelson. However, it became clear that Tiger Woods does in no way tolerate the remark by saying that he was “disappointed” by the comment. Tiger is good friends with his caddie and acted as William’s best man at his wedding. He is also known for being very harsh on employees who have disappointed him.

Phil Mickelson immediately issued a statement through his management company and called the various remarks “inappropriate” and “grossly inaccurate”.

Steve Williams caddies for Tiger since 1999 and is New Zealand’s most popular and best paid athlete. He is also involved in professional speedway racing and has started a foundation for junior golfers in his native New Zealand.

Please use the comment function to let us know what you think about Steve Williams and his recent remark on Phil Mickelson. Do you think that Tiger would be well advised to fire (or at least fine) his caddie?

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106 Responses to “Tiger Woods caddie insults Phil Mickelson”

  • Williams is a bully with the mentality of a caveman. Had he tried to take that camera from me, I would have taught him a lesson in manners and he would think twice before using laying his hands on another person or their property again.

    Additionally, I did not know that caddies were athletes, or for that matter, nor did I think golfers were really athletes; John Daly, I rest my case. Tell me, in what other sport, where someone in Daly’s physical condition could compete? If it is an activity where Daly could compete, then it is a “game”, not a “sport”.

  • I think Tiger should take the same action all other professional sports take for such a outburst.Williams should be fined and suspended.


  • comment  Larry Peck Says:

    I don’t know why Steve Williams would make those statements about Phil. He has nothing to do with Phil or his game he should mind his own business and yes Tiger should not condone his remarks. I guess Williams has too much time on his hands waiting for Tiger to get well.

  • comment  JEAN-LOUIS VIOLETTE Says:

    Although I am not surprised to hear comments of this nature coming from Steve Williams, it is disappointing to hear comments of this nature comming from Tiger Wood’s immediate entourage. I have always been overwhelmed by Tiger’s good manners, politeness and overall exquisite behaviour with the press and you most certainly would not expect to hear remarks of William’s nature come out of Tiger Wood’s mouth. Put aside the non-buddy relationship between Tiger and Phil, you still have two competitors who respect each other’s talent and are very aware and respectful of the weight of any comment that they should make about any of their fellow competitors.

    I have always felt that professionnal golfers( or athletes ) were privileged and that they continuously had to behave in a professionnal manner by showing respect towards their fellow competitors, the fans and also their various sponsors. Williams remarks denotes a lack of respect towards Phil, Tiger, their fellow competitors, the fans and the sponsors, particularly Phil’s.

    I always thought that it takes one to know one ! It takes a professionnal to appreciate another professionnal, therefore, it must take a pri-k to call another a pri-k !!!

  • I agree with the person that said a caddie was,nt an athlete . He has not played any golf on the tour He dos,nt play Football He does,nt play Baseball He just acts like an ass hole that does,nt Know What He,s Talking About I watch golf all the time and read about what the players have to say after the Tournaments are over.I have never heard Phil Or any other golfer say anything about the other golfers in a bad way Tell williams to go back home and see how much money he would make a year at home

  • Very simple. I’m a big fan of Tiger and Phil. Steve should get fired. he only carries the bag, I pretty sure Tiger performace would be exactly the same no matter who is carrying his bag.

  • Phil is a great ambassador for golf as is Tiger, Steve is just some lucky bloke who carries the bag of the worlds best golfer. Tiger would have a similar record with a monkey on his bag.Steve should be fired, and is not qualified to judge Phil Mickleson or any other tour professional.

  • Tiger needs to fire Williams. How can Phil and Tiger play Ryder cup, Presidents cup or other tournaments with all that ill will that Williams has caused. Let the Aussie stay in Austrailia.

  • I think Williams should be fired. He does not represent the behavior that should be tolerated by Tiger or any other player who’s caddy opens his mouth about another tour professional. Williams is not a necessity for Tiger to be good and now he had turned into a liability.

  • In my own mind, Phil is one of the nicest gentleman we have in professional golf. He never throws clubs or use bad language on the course when hitting a bad shot. This is what you expect from a professional player that is a model for all of us. I’m not surpised to hear S William uses that kind of language. Tiger should have done something about Williams’ behavior a long time ago. Tiger should not tolerate Williams to be rude with fans that pay big dollars to see him play. William should remember Mike “Fluff” Cowan, who was Tiger Woods’ caddy was fired because he was always in the media….

  • If the comment was made about Tiger from Phil’s caddie then all hell would break loose. The thing is Phil’s caddie has just as much professionalism as Phil does, it would never have been said. Phil is one of the most professional golfers on the tour and does a world of good off the tour. Steve Williams should be fired. I can’t see how Tiger and Phil can play together any longer as long as Steve is on the bag. Talk about idiots, Steve takes the cake.

  • How long is Tiger going to tolerate this character? I remember Fuzzy’s comment and the controversy it stirred. He lost thousands of dollars and I didn’t hear Tiger come to his defense. This is much worse than Fuzzy’s comment. It is going to be interesting to see if Tiger will apply the same criteria as he did to “Fluff.” Surely, he is not intimidated by this bully. He is a loose cannon and is an insult to the professionalism of golf or any sport. He nees to get into the world of wrestling. That is the only place his comment might be appropriate.

  • It seems appropriate that the highest respect for an athlete in William’s home country carries a bag for a living. Don’t trip on your lip Stevie or a club may pierce Your Prick. Watch Your mouth in the USA. We show respect on the course. I wish You all the luck You deserve in the future. Careful. I thought your home had class? What happened?

  • Williams, New Zealands most popular athlete? Im no sports nut but have never read or heard of that claim.
    Highest paid? might be.
    How crass of Williams to embarrass himself, his employer and most of all, his country.
    Sack him, I say.
    Stuart (NZ)

  • I believe Steve needs to make a public apology to Phil and his Family. Steve could not play golf as well as Phil. Where would Steve be without Tiger Woods; He would be unknow. So, Steve is a nobody without Tiger; thats what Steve needs to remenber.

    Maybe Steve needs some time off in the 2009 PGA season. Tiger can get another caddie.


  • comment  christian Says:

    The comments from Steve are totally innaproppiate and unwarranted to speak of a top sportsman and a great ambassador for the world of of golf who contributes to the excitement of the game as much as Tiger Woods is not in keeping with games integrity and character.
    Mr Woods should order Steve to publicy retract these poorly judged comments and the PGA should fine and suspend Steve until he takes this course of action I think Tiger speeks for the whole of the golfing world when he said he was “dissapointed” we all are.

  • comment  Brian Lewis Says:

    Your correspondents may have forgotten Phil’s inappropriate comments on Tiger’s equipment last year. Williams is no more than a talking piece of equipment and was obviously upset by comment that Tiger was a great player in spite of the equipment he drags round with him not because of it.
    If he thinks that Phil is a prick where oh where does that place him?
    I agree that Tiger should make him apologise and the PGA should fine and suspend him for bringing the game into disrepute.

  • comment  Michael Taylor Says:

    OK…I too am a fan of Phil Mickelson & Tiger woods. I think they are both tremendous players, but although I disagree with what Steve Williams said, I must say that a caddie is both an athelete and a very important part of a golfer’s game. Today, I went to the Tiger Woods Chevron World Challenge. My thoughts were on the comments made by Steve as I watched the way the golfers discussed their drives, iron play, pitches, chips, and putts. The caddie helped line the players up. They helped determine the break of the greens and much more.
    Again, what Steve Williams said was inappropriate, and I believe Tiger should have a talk with him. I also believe he should have to give a public appology to Phil, who I have always been impressed with his attitude and the way heinteracts with his caddie AND the crowd. I think anyone who says that a caddie isn’t an athelete should try carrying the bags of a golfer for 72 holes.

  • Why such a big deal? So the guys don’t on. How do we know Phil did prompt the remark. I agree that Tiger doesn’t need steve to be the world no 1. Tiger should have a word with him but that is all that’s required.

  • comment  Indahole Says:

    Since when did golf become the WWE. Golf is a game of respect. Unfortunately in todays media we are driven by rude comments, and hostility. Do I expect Steve Williams to be Phil’s fan no I do not. Do I expect Tiger to be Phil’s best friend; I do not. But do I expect to have golf treated with the respect that it deserves… YES I DO! The media needs to disregard the drunken slogans of an over-paid caddy. Too bad that the media has turned golf into a sport that is made up of celebrities. Golf will not survive if we turn it into the NFL, NBA, or the WWE. What we really need are people that love to play the game and compete. The last thing this sport needs at this time is for the media to be hashing up this bull crap!

  • I watch alot of golf on tv and I think Phil Mickelson is a fantastic professional always smiling and great with the crowd. I like his attitude towards the game as for Steve Williams he comes across a little simple.

  • Steve Williams! You remind me of that little prick that stood behind the big guys in high school and ran his mouth thinking they would protect him! Well, keep running your mouth and Tiger will step aside and let everyone have a piece of your pathetic ass! I hope that when Tiger comes back the course that everyone boo’s you at every course, every day so, that Tiger will have no choice but to shit can your dumb ass! As for Phil, Get off your ass and start winning some majors and put this jerk in his place! I’ve always pulled for you Phil and always will! Your the class of the field and deserve the respect that you’ve earned! Give us all another Masters championship! Your fan, Jason

  • i agree with most of the comments made and think Tiger will have dealt with the problem.
    i would like to comment on Chris at the top of the page: You have no idea what you are talking about! for one John Daly does not compete, he has no tour card for any tour, i think he has dropped out of the top 500 in the world and also probably out of rehab.
    maybe you should take alook at a tournament at the guys who are competing, Tiger,Phil,immelman,garcia, scott, stenson, rose and westwood even! they will show you a thing or two in the gym in power, speed, balance and flexibilty. try standing on a swissball and lifting weights or making a swing……

  • This guy is nuts! He is not a great athlete or even a great caddy. Tiger has won many many tournaments without him. He is rude to the fans (me included), and I would love to see him out of golf. He is an asset to no one. Phil goes out and wins tournaments not ride on someones coat tails. It would be like the ceo of Buick talking trash. Hes nothing and I would love to never see him again on the PGA.

  • I have admired Phil since he first won a tournament and I also like Tiger. But I think Steve is an a**hole. Does he really think he helps Tiger (maybe Tiger likes him to do what he does). I hope he gets reprimanded by Tiger, the PGA Tour, and the fans. I don’t think Phil would care for any apology from Steve. He’s above that.
    Go, Phil.

  • i think tiger’s reaction to Steve’s comments is bigger news than steve’s comments. silence shows acceptance (which i would be vrey disapppointed in) and repremand would show no tolerance for steve’s stupidity and great disrespect shown. a man who carrys a golf bag for a living shouldn’t be putting down one of the greats of the game.

  • comment  robert cornelius Says:

    sad for tiger really.williams definitely can’t shoot his mouth off again as it will be curtains for him if he repeats this sort of gaff.
    Phil is a big guy (big in the sense of being mature)who will rise above it all and come back with a vengeance.he is capable of dominating the golfing world with his game,which,on its day will see off the best of the rest

  • comment  Alleycat Says:

    I’ve always thought (and told my friends) that of all the Big sports we have, Professional Golfers all seemed very respectful of each other, and all around “nice guys”. But, I don’t think Mr.Williams fits into this group. I don’t think suspension or “disappointment” will get the job done with Mr. Williams. He hasn’t denied what he said, so something stronger needs to be done. Does Tiger have the guts to do it? Who’s the boss here anyway?

  • comment  Alex Trevino Says:

    It all comes down to “class”, which has nothing to do with money… Williams might be making good money carrying Tiger’s bag but obviously the man has no class! I believe Tiger needs to talk to Mr. Williams about “class”. By the way, we all know where Phil stands on this subject, nothing but “class” with his perfectly appropiate response.

  • comment  Joe Vincent Says:

    What the media choose to report is often the cause of a controversy. Williams is a good golfer (and therefore an athlete) in his own right. If he weren’t an excellent and extremely knowledgable partner (which is what a caddy is, after all), Tiger wouldn’t have hired him in the first place. Yes, Tiger is very classy, indeed. However, Mr. Michelson’s vapid smile cannot always hide his volatile attitude. Go back and check the tapes of the his appearance at the Walker Cup as an amateur. He visited the booth after playing his round and promptly told the audience that it wasn’t wise to hit a ball into the gallery becuase the women were so homely (my words).

  • I think Tiger’s caddy is too big for his britches. Any other caddy what have gotten in trouble for saying something like that about one of the best golfers in the world. And for throwing a spectator’s camera in the water. I agree that Williams doesn’t have any class. He should have to apologize to Phil.

    Phil is the greatest! And of course Tiger, too.

  • comment  Al Harris Says:

    It appears like Williams is still up to his IQ. Which is zero in my book. If Williams wanted to do the world a favor, why doesn’t he concentrate on his boss, and comment on why Tiger still does not have to answer for the performance enhancing drugs that he uses and the steroids he used while weight training. Phil, at least plays with what he has,—- talent and lots of patience with his game. Ever notice the mood swings in Tiger? Any drug user will tell you that is one of the symptoms of addiction. Could it be that Williams also has that same problem. ummm, maybe give it some consideration.

  • After reading ALL of the comments above it seems to me that most have not given Mr. Woods the credit he deserves. YES, tiger hired Steve because of his ability to both play golf and to be an asset to his game by helping him read greens.
    I have not been a fan of Tiger’s because I have watched him on TV and seen him throw clubs, use foul language and even ignore fans in rude manner. I am however, a person that believes that Tiger Wods is a world class golfer who had dominated the game thus far.
    Not giving him credit. I believe that Tiger will deal with Steve, and probably already has, to the point that NOTHING should happen from Steve again.

  • comment  Tim the lefty Says:

    Alright, Steve carries a bag and reads greens, enough said. He has no room nor the talent and skill of Phil or any other golfer to say that Phil isn’t a great athlete or golfer. He thinks that carrying the #1 golfers bag entitles him to everything and he’s the best, hahaha.

    Phil is an extrodinary golfer, collegiate, pro, and also he’s known for his sidegolf behavior as perfect. Never upset with fans, the game, or anything. I believe that phil is greater than tiger, but only for the fact of how he plays, and how he acts. Enough said.

  • Steve pops Tiger’s dick out of his mouth for five minutes, and this is what we get. What an ass. If that guy ever touched me, or took anything from me (let alone threw it in a lake), I would punch him straight in the face, and then I would try to throw Tiger’s entire bag in the water. What a little bitch. I agree with the poster above that said Phil needs to step it up, and put Steve (and Tiger for that matter) in his place. Phil has all the talent of Tiger, just needs to step up his fitness, practice, and mental toughness.

  • While I do agree with your sentiments, Jason, those words are better left unsaid, lest you lower yourself to Steve’s level. BTW, I don’t think you’d get very far with Tiger’s bag, as evidenced by the Buick commercial a fear years back.


  • All of the fodder from tour that I have heard says that Phil is exactly like Steve characterized him. A total prick. So Phil deserved it.

    Apparently Phil’s tour monogram is


    Think I’m Great Just Ask Me

    Tiger’s back BITCHES!

    Can Phil win with Tiger around? Not usually.

    good luck phil. you’re going to need it.

  • comment  Lefty Jim Says:

    Hey Steve, Phil is much more than a great golfer, he is a an incredibly good person. He seems to always have kind words when speaking of others and chooses to spend his spare time helping those who are less fortunate. Maybe you should start applying these traits to your life and then you won’t have time to cut down others.
    If Tiger Woods is to be known as the best golfer, with a wonderful humble coach (Hank Haney)and all that is positive surronding him, why should he keep a thug like Steve Williams on his team? Show some class Tiger, fire the bum!

  • What ever happened to manners and ethics? Isn’t that part of the game anymore? Steve Williams needs to GO TO ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES! And Tiger needs to send him there! Tiger should have never let Williams get off so easily - it says a lot about Tiger as well.
    There’s no room in any sport for attacking others, no matter if it’s spectators, or other players, period. Steve Williams should be fined, and get pschologically evaluated, bec. it’s obvious, he’s not
    fit to carry anyone’s bags with a temper like that. As friendly as Tiger and Steve are - Tiger needs to put the game first, not himself.

  • I don’t know if Phil is a nice guy or not but it is true that he is not a “great” player. Butch Harmon cannot make up for natural ability.

  • comment  Daniel Olmos Says:

    Phil Does have man breasts and in no way is a “great athlete”. His golf is inconsistent and weak when it comes to clutch time.

  • Williams isn’t saying anything that his boss isn’t onboard with. Lil nigger eldick will win 20+ majors. And he’s still and arrogant, angry, classless unpleasant spoiled brat. If he had any class, he and thug williams would publically apologize to Phil. And the golfing media would take him and his white trash caddie to task, instead of fawning over him ceaselessly and verbally fellating him. They have no guts. Fuck tiger woods and steve williams. I’ll say what many think that phil never could or wood.

  • comment  lemonhed Says:

    Jesus, who cares what he said? Is it really that god damn important? Are we really that starved for some kind of controversy in our lives? Steve Williams is entitled to his opinion and to share that opinion with anyone he wants in public or private and to hell with what anyone else thinks about it. As far as I’m concerned Phil Mickelson is a big goofy fucker with man boobs who walks like a faggot and chokes under pressure! So there!

  • comment  Dolly North Says:

    Lemonhead - finally someone gets it - we are all entitled to our opinions; granted Tiger and Phil; big winners both have media requirements and should always behave with the highest etiquette; keeping their personal feelings out of their professional lives. The rest of us are entitled to like and dislike certain athletes; and I agree with Lemonhed; except for the “walks like a faggot”; he just reminds me of a chunky accountant. Good for you Steve - if there were rules to imprison caddies the authorities would have dealt with your comments earlier.

  • comment  Tom Brock Says:

    I think Steve Williams was quite correct about Phil and I applaud him for speaking uncomfortable truths. It is all right that Harmon and Phil can trash talk about Tiger in public, but the first time your great white hope as something said about him, you get in a dither.

  • As far as I know the PGA has not issued any comment or fines to Steve correct? While I agree that anyone has the right to say anything they feel I do thing you should say it to the persons face rather to the press.

  • It’s sad there is no IQ test or other qualification to post an “opinion” here, and obviously no one monitoring the content. This is my first visit to the site and after reading the racial slurs and other indications of familial inbreeding, I’m certain it will be my last. Tiger and Phil would both be apalled by the ignorance witnessed here. My apologies to the few intelligent comments I noted.

  • I really respect Tiger and Phil. It is time for Tiger to do the right thing and remove his caddy. This is not going to go away for Tiger. Williams needs to be removed.

  • I am true fan of Phil. I do not like all news reporters putting Tiger on a pedestal, so Tiger should fire his caddie for unprofessional conduct or a leave of absentence and have Steve make a formal live television apology to Phil’s face.

  • comment  Fred Barton, Sr. Says:

    I think Williams comment speaks to what kind of a person Williams is.

    I think he forgets he is a “caddie” & he’ll never play on the tour. Looks like jealously rears it’s ugly head once again!! I would think most caddies wouldn’t talk like that just because, for no other reason than they know their pro wouldn’t condone it!!

    I think parents of jr. golfers should think twice before taking money from his foundation.

    I’d like to hear what Arnold Palmer thinks of those comments.

    But also, look how Tiger acts on the course, throwing clubs, terrible language. Trying to turn the golf course into an NBA game. So I guess all in all we shouldn’t be too surprised by his caddie’s actions!!

  • comment  Ed Marvin Says:

    Who really cares what Steve Williams has to say about Phil. This guy is only recognizable because of who he works for. Without Tiger, we would all be saying “Steve who?”

  • comment  Richard Stone Says:

    hello Phil and to your team
    thnaks for the site, i am a big fan of you, Tiger, Jack and Shark.
    for the caddie situation….it was unprofessional and uncalled for
    and i think an apology is in order.
    You and Tiger are class people from what i have seen in public,
    and no need for childish comments…
    have a good 2009′ and dont change your game regardless of what
    an on air announcer says, your titles and class speak for themselves
    Cape Cod Mass.

  • comment  Chris Williams Says:

    My husband attended a Ryder Cup practice in Louisville last fall. He said Mickelson acted like a conceited jerk. All these kids were clamoring for his autograph and he told them he would sign autographs on the 18th hole. Then he left the course after the 15th hole. I was a big fan of Mickelson until my husband told me how he treated the fans that day.

  • comment  Leon Aguilar Says:

    It’s called a gentlemens game but somehome Steve Williams has missed the point. The fact that he had to express himself with a vulgar comment on the type of person that Phil is, leaves no doubt that Steve Williams is a low class, low rent person who has a ability to carry a bag but not play the game. The fact that he isn’t playing the game makes one think that he is filled with envy.

    If the PGA can fine players for remarks unbecoming to golf, they should surely impose a fine on Williams since Tiger seems to have condoned Williams actions.

    Phil has shown his class by not responding to Williams remark other than to say that he was disappointed by Williams remark.

    Class and Cream will always rise to the top.

  • I have been around the PGA Tour a long time. I have been lucky enough to have known Phil Mickelson and his family, “Bones” his Caddie, Tiger, Steve Williams, and even “Fluff”. Phil Mickelson is a TRUE GENTLEMAN of the game, I have never seen or heard him insult a Tour Player, or intentionally slight a fan. I have seen him sign thousands of autographs, pose for photos, and give something back to the game we love every week.
    Tiger is a great player and a bit easier to be around since he has been married and has become a parent. Tiger is cordial to most, friendly to very few, and cold to the rest. Tiger’s Caddie Steve Williams will shoot off his mouth at the wrong time, that is the way he is. I know Tiger has spoken to Steve about this issue and it has been addressed. Steve Williams will not get fired over “old news”. However if Steve Williams continues to show poor judgement with the media, or disrespects players he will be replaced.

  • comment  Tony Hill Says:

    Just shows what a class act he is by saying such remarks while at a charity do!

  • I have played the game of golf since I have was 12 years old, I am now 89 years old. In all those years i have never said one hurtful thing against another golfer. i think it is outrages for Williams to to make remarks as he has about Phil. i think it is about time that Tiger gets rid of this guy before he puts Tiger if a bad situation. Phil deserves better than what Williams has to say. i would hope that Tiger and Phil can become great friends.

  • I know most of you have heard that behind every great athlete there is a great mentor. Well Steve Williams is a great caddie/mentor to tiger. A Hall Of Fame caddie( yes there is a golf caddie hall of fame). The more to a caddie then just carrying the bag. But while on a golf course the caddie is the players responsibility. And therefor if he made those comments to phil it’s just like tiger making those comments. I believe its tigers fame that has made Sideshow Steve head get bigger then it should. Tiger should make him go on the record to apologize to Phil. So in show Phil and Tiger keep doing what your doing. Steve carry the bag, give the yardage, keep tigers head in the game, Keep the fans at bay, AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH UNLESS TIGER TELL YOU TO TALK!

  • comment  Fred Barton, Sr. Says:

    Let’s face it,he makes those comments because he knows he has Tiger’s blessing or his approval……………………

  • comment  donald l powell Says:

    i like tiger and phil, steve williamz should be fined by tiger and told to keep his mouth shut about the other players

  • comment  Ron Page Says:

    You can’t really dispute the “boobs” comment, except now with Phil’s strength training - he seems to have them at bay… However, you can’t deny that Phil is a great golfer - look at the record. I’ve followed Phil since his time here at ASU and he is NOT a prick - at least not in public. The comment (referred to in an earlier post) at the Walker Cup was pretty benign - “That’s not a place I want to be. The Irish women are not that attractive.” - and he apologized profusely for it afterward. I know Vijay doesn’t like Phil either but I have never been able to find what’s behind that - nor behind the mutual hatred with Jarmo Sandelin.

    I don’t think Steve Williams should be punished. I think he should be treated by the fans appropriately. In New York, the fans do their homework and use it to heckle the players. I would suggest that those attending the US Open at Bethpage this year get their revenge through merciless heckling of Steve Williams (find some good dirt to get under his skin with guys), similar to the way they destroyed Sergio Garcia last time (thanks for that by the way - it was quite entertaining - and look, it helped Sergio to fix his re-gripping problem).

    Finally, I’m sure Tiger thought those comments were hilarious until he had to start answering questions about them. It probably won’t happen again.

  • As to Lemonhed! He sounds like a real Lemon Head. It sounds like the only class Lemon Head knows about, is the class he got kicked out of in the 3rd grade and wasn’t allowed to return. He probably got a job a the junkyard with Dolly North. Saying GD in public is just backwards.

    Williams was ignorant for saying something so stupid and immature. Tiger should have released him immediately. Phil, like Tiger Woods are great for the game of golf. They both give a lot back.

  • comment  Denham Says:

    For the love of God and Golf, please convey to Steve Williams that Phil is an American legend and an accomplised golfer loved by millions - tell that ignorant Kiwi to piss off and shag a sheep - if not Mr, Woods, he would be an pip-squeek commoner!!!!

  • In all respect to Tiger Woods whom I admire not only for his golf but also for his class as a celebrity and gentleman, Mr. Woods should have shown Mr. Williams the door after his rude and incomprehensible remarks. After all, Phil is a highly skilled golfer and need not suffer publicly from such dumb and ill-conceived remarks by his caddy … if they are true. I am always a bit suspicious of the British press as they seem to thrive on sensationalism and exaggeration.

  • comment  Rev. Bob Sexton Says:

    Although this incident occurred some months ago, it still makes me wince to think that a neanderthal like S. W.(he doesn’t deserve his whole name in print) has the opportunity to use Tiger’s celebrity to spew garbage such as this in a public forum. Tiger and Phil both represent what is best about the game of golf, and it testifies to just how solid Tiger’s place is in the hierarchy of sport that this p.r. grenade didn’t tarnish his image, especially in light of the fact that he took no apparent disciplinary action. As a lifelong athlete and sportsman, this kind of behavior makes me sad for the state of modern sport.

  • comment  larry Says:

    Steve williams is the big prick

  • comment  larry Says:

    I think Tiger should fire him and then we would see who the big prick is.

  • comment  Elaine Says:

    Tiger needs to be a man and get his caddie under control. this is not funny.Steve is nothing more than a bag toting, idiot. Phil is more of a man than stevie will ever be. Phil and Tiger are both good golfers.Phil would never allow his caddie to say these things about Tiger. O.K. Tiger, the ball is in your court. Lets see what Tiger has to say. I hope he comes forward soon to tell everyone what he thinks.

  • comment  Audrey Patterson Says:

    After going onto Phil’s website to see the awful news about his wife to whom I wish all the best, I was appalled to read what Woods’ caddie had been saying about Phil. He is the most obnoxious caddie out on the fairways and Woods should dismiss him from his employment. Let’s face it he is only one of a number of caddies none of whom behave like he does and he does nothing for the good name of the other caddies. His comment was distasteful to say the least and perhaps he should take a leaf out of Phil’s book both on the course and off it. Send him back to New Zealand. They are welcome to him.

  • comment  Gloria Says:

    First may I say that my heart goes out to Phil, Amy and their family. They are incredible ambassadors both for the game of golf and for life. They are generous,polite, happy people who are willing to share their good fortune with others. I pay that God will bless them and heal Amy quickly.

    I was appalled to read the remarks of Steve Williams, Tiger’s caddy. They are the sign of a very insignificant little man who has the attitude of a bully. Shame on Tiger for continuing to associate with him. By not firing him, he is condoning his behaviour, remarks and attitude. I am sure that Tiger’s dad would be incensed that Tiger is condoning this. But, if I recall correctly Tiger has made some nasty comments regarding Phil also, and I have never heard Phil respond in a derogatory manner.

    Tiger and Steve grow up.

  • comment  Uncle Buddy Says:

    So what has happened? It has been 5 months since this happened and all I have read is “comments”. Has Tiger reached by doing anything but say, “Shame on you”? If not, then shame on Tiger as well. If you are not going to stand up to your caddie, your employee, then maybe you NEED to be dealt with by the PGA.

  • comment  William Says:

    Right! Enough’s enough.

  • if that coward williams pulled a stunt like he did to the person with the phone, i guarantee you that he would have been hopping behind woods for the rest of the tournament. he’d have to..because i’d stick one of his legs up his ass, that punk .

  • comment  marilyn jones Says:

    I think he should be fired. No excuse for what he has said. It can not be removed from the mind.

  • Fire the loud mouthed punk.

  • Fire the punk.

  • A loud-mouthed he is, and we concur here. Touch my property and we’ll throw Steve Williams in the lake after it, and dunk him till he finds it. Then he can pay for it. What a jackass…our boy Phil is equally as good a player as Tiger, if only he would be conservative at times, he would surpass Tiger in four years at the age of 41. Williams should have been fined and suspended for such a remark.

    Tiger does place smarter golf than Phil, but he is not a better golfer when Phil plays it smart and, yes, at times, conservative. We love ya Phil.

  • comment  tom lovett Says:

    I always thought that golf was a gentlemans game and proper edicate was use on the course. It goes to show just who is the true gentleman is. Phil never made a comment. People like williams should not be allowed on the golf course if they can’t act right. Phil our hearts are with your whole family at this time

  • comment  tom lovett Says:

    Phil please pray for my husband who is dying of kidney failure. He is one of your best fans, never misses one of your tournaments.

  • comment  That guy Says:

    ok… the Steve incident is done and over with.

    What I cannot believe is how some ppl on here think that caddies are just bag boys…

    Here’s a clue for you…

    Every caddy is expected to be an encyclopedia of knowledge for the golf course.

    They must know every distance from tee to green and everything in between. They must know the yardage to fairway bunkers, out of bounds, minimum distance to reach a fairway or to cross a water hazard. They must know the ins and outs of how to hit a golf ball from every part of the course, even if they know that their pro will never have to make that shot.

    This is all part of the research a caddy is expected to perform prior to the start of every tournament. They also must be familiar with any special course rules, weather conditions, and conditions out on the course. This is the job the professional golf caddy is doing while the pro golfer is mingling with the public, granting interviews and signing autographs.

    However, the true work of a caddy begins only after the stroke is made.

    Every caddy is capable of learning golf course conditions, however, there are certain caddies that provide that little bit extra which may mean the difference between winning the tournament and coming in second.

    Every golfer, even Tiger Woods, will occasionally make a mistake. The best caddies help bring the round back into focus. They help their pro mentally rebound from a bad stroke, and maximize the chances of bringing home the trophy. The best caddies are not limited to carrying the clubs and reading off yardage, they also become the professional player’s confidant on the course. They become the one who validates or questions the proposed shots the pro is thinking of. They are the ones who verify the read of the green.

    just a bag boy ehh..?

    ohhh btw… in the old OLD days, they used to have not one, but TWO caddies… or to you, 2 worthless bag boys.

  • comment  Tim Love Says:

    The caddies are to their player what a coach is to a basketball team. Therefore they should be held to the same standards as the player they are caddying for. Steve Williams is a disgrace to the sport of golf….PERIOD.

  • Tiger will take care of this as he is a class act and wouldn’t tolerate any other behavior.

  • As to not risk damage to Phil’s hands, I would love the opportunity to slap this bitch around the course a few times. The guy carries a golf bag for a living. Phil has more talent & class than this guy will ever have. It’s all jealousy on his part.

  • comment  Lory D. Hughes Says:

    OMG, Phil of all golfers?#+ Well Tiger really has no
    choice he got to do something, Steve is a caddy he has no right to say anything about the players!! the fans are not going to like this , they will take it out on Tiger, not fare! He needs to be fined and the
    word SORRY would be nice, we all would like to hear it
    Thanks Later Canadian Lory

  • comment  Vern Gosney Says:

    I think Tiger may well be the greatest golfer of all time but I much prefer to watch Phil play. I love to root for Phil it is a lot of fun and very stressful. He seems to get joy from playing golf and interacting
    with the crowd. Tiger acts like he is mad all the time and wants Steve to beat up any of the crowd that
    bothers him. Steve comments and opinions are unimportant to me but reflect badly on Tiger. Phil’s play
    and behavior at the HBSC tournament in China was world class but Tiger’s was not. He makes a great shot and then gets mad because it wasn’t a perfect shot. Throwing fits and acting like a child isn’t
    appropriate behavior for a man with his skills. We fans and the game of golf are lucky to have these two
    great golfers playing at the same time. Phil’s caddie is a true gentleman just like Phil.

  • Birds of a feather flock together. No doubt Tiger is the #1 golfer in the world and I admire that. I’ve never liked him because he comes across to me as always looking down at you no matter who you are. Steve is just an extension of him and is why they’re good friends. If this wasn’t true he’d of fired Steve on the spot. Phil wouldn’t have tolerated that in any way and I believe that Bones is an extension of Phil. Tiger puts on that proper face and personality when the camera is rolling. We are now beginning to see the REAL Tiger come to lite for the world to see.

  • Mickelson is a cheat and he most definitely has man breasts so the comment is accurate.

  • Hey golfer. You are an idiot! This comment is certainly accurate. So don’t take offense, Quit looking at men’s breasts unless they turn you on. Then it is okay.

  • comment  Sr.Lady Says:

    Tony D you hit the nail on the head my thoughts exactly. Isn’t hind site interesting golfer you sure are not one.
    Phil is one of the best representatives of Golf on the tour!
    Family first and always a class act.
    I’ watched him at the Colonial stand at the window till the last person had left signing autographs, all he asked was that his fans be considerate of the fact that there were people right behind them putting out on the 18th hole.
    Now I doubt you’ll ever see Tiger do that, or a lot of the others.

  • comment  Ervin Wolfswinkel Says:

    I used to think Mr. William was an alright kinda guy but I certain thinks he is the one that should look in the mirror see himself as the person he has made comment about Phil. I prefer not to use his comment because they are not becoming of a good person the I feel Mr. Phil Michelson is a person I would like to meet and be friends with, and I feel he has shown his love for his wife and family and that is the most important matter to me. We also really injoy watching him play gold even if he is playing good or bad. He’s a real Gentleman. Why? Because that is the way life really is, it has its ups and downs for everbody.

    We love the Mickelson family!!

    Thank Phil Michelson and his wife for showing what the good life is all about.

  • Steve Williams is a classless liar. He knew about Tiger and covered
    up his disgusting behavior. Phil Mickelson is a gentleman and a great champion. This jerk should get on his knees and beg forgiveness for this classless remark. After the apology, the national joke (Tiger Woods) should fire him. I am looking forward to seeing this classless duo absorb another beating by Phil at the 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach. Tiger Woods will have some more time to spend with this jerk after Elin finally divorces him.

    Bones is a class act. He would never stoop as low as Steve Williams and call out Tiger Woods for the total jerk that he is. I think everyone is waiting for Phil to overtake the national joke. Stevie, enjoy working for No. 2. Tiger will soon turn on this jerk and he will be on the unemployment line. Finally, Steve Williams is the real prick.

  • All I can say is that “birds of the feather flock together”. Williams, like Woods, is an egotistical jerk! Phil is a class act and great champion. Phil is what is good about golf. Woods and his boy are a black mark on this great game.

    Love Phil and his family. God bless you guys.

  • Steve Williams is a piece of shit and so is Tiger Woods! I have always been behind Phil! He has always been the best golfer we could stand behind! I am a police officer and I will always have Phils back 4 ever! Phil! You are the best! Tiger has no chance against you this year. I’m a family man that thinks you are the best and always will be!!!!!!

  • comment  Phil Says:

    Looks like Officer steve & I just found this website. I agree 100% with his comments. I never have liked Tiger or Nike since the commerical he made talking about the color of his skin. The Fuzzy deal at the Masters really Iced the Cake for me. I could care less if he ever wins again.

    He found out he isn’t GOD.

    PS I’m Left Handed also

  • Williams should keep his mouth shut, he is just a bag boy. He has not earned the right to voice his opinion about a REAL athlete like Phil. Williams needs to keep doing what he does best, that is to “Wipe Tiger’s balls and clean his shaft.” GP from Connecticut

  • Tiger is a gutless wonder and his actions since the day his caddy insulted Phil to this very day prove it. He is a puppet and Nike is pulling the strings. For years people have without basis called Phil a phony but as it turns out the phony all aong has been Tiger and his close friends who have been covering up his lack of moral character, including Nike, his agent, his buddies Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan and his no class caddy. His old man must be spinning in his grave. I wonder what his supporters think when this self proclaimed Buddist in a fit of rage publicly invokes the name of Jesus Christ on the golf course during a nationaly televised tournament. I only have two words come to mind, LYING HYPOCRITE.

  • I am a middle aged man like Tigers caddy but I don’t let anyone call me “Stevie”. I hope Tiger has his clock cleaned by his wife’s divorce lawyer. Then Tiger and Stevie can ride off into the sunset together. Two assholes like them deserve each other. You never heard Nicklaus and Palmer say things about each other the way Tiger and Stevie do about Phil. That’s because Phil is as classy as they are but Tiger and Stevie are about as classy as Mike Tyson or Howard Stern.

  • comment  Mike Schell Says:

    Tiger obviously is more in agreement with Steve Williams comments than not. He would have publicly reprimanded him or fired him if he did not agree with him. They (Tiger & Phil)both downplay their feelings for each other but I have never beleived anything other than “they can’t stand each other”. Besides, even though Tiger has done a lot of dumb things lately, he is not dumb enough to fire Williams.

  • comment  Walt Williams Says:

    I am one of these guys who love to watch both Phil and Tiger play golf. As far as Tigers private life — it should stay private. Look a little deeper and you will see that a lot of the legends of golf has a closet full of life’s experiences that they would not want to be told.

    As far as Steve Williams is concerned I agree that he should have been disciplined and fined.

    As far as people taking photos by cameras that you can hear the shutter go off — I believe that they should be fined. They know the rules and it does distract all players. Some do it to just distract a player that they do not like. So, they have no right to holler fowl when they themselves break rules. — I wonder how many “mulligans” they take.

    I have been to several PGA Tournaments and I have seen people use those cameras and they are loud, and they time it on the down swing.

    They bitch about a lot of things about Tiger, and yes he deserves many, but he has never really been excepted by most of the pros and he has done a great thing for the game. He has made the others work harder. He has raised the purses of each tournament. At Least give some credit. We are all better off, just look at all of the talent that is coming up the ranks that will be better than Tiger and Phil put together.

  • I am not surprised that williams would make such a comment. Just like Tiger. Do not like him, never have. He is a jerk (Tiger) and I just wish Sports announcers would quit bringing up his name, comparing him with wonderful golfers. Phil is a gentleman, and a greaat person, unlike Tiger and his caddy. Personnaly I was not surprised by his past problems. I would like to watch golf and never see his (Tiger) ugly face again.

  • comment  Jack Rizzo Says:

    Tiger has always attracted jerks from fans to caddies.
    He has in the past had good caddies, trainers and fans but eventually they suceeded to his level. Steve Williams is Gay he adores Tiger and they make a nice couple jerk and jerkess.
    If he smells like a stooge talks like a stooge acts like a stooge then he must be a ……

  • Here you see reflected in his caddie the dissolute personality of Tiger Woods. It is Tiger that chose such a person as his caddie. Very few golfers have the respect, and has earned the respect, of more people than Phil Mickelson. Perhaps Phil is too much of a contrast to the real person that Tiger Woods is, versus the image that was created about Tiger Woods. I agree with the prior comment: tiger has always attracted jerks from fans to caddies. Jack Rizzo is right on.

  • comment  Mickey Manore Says:

    Phil ,Delete all these negative comments on your blog .You have to much class to be associted with any of these so called fans.I enjoy your style on the course and will continue to tune you in when playing golf.Thanks for the entertainment value !!!!

  • comment  jeannegreenberg Says:

    This is the only spot I could find to send my congratulations to Phil on that superb performance on Sunday in Scotland. You are the greatest but what put ‘icing on the cake’ was to see Amy as beautiful as ever. She looks fantastic–and the children as well. Phil you are blessed with your talent and adoring family.

    Jeanne from London, Ontario, Canada

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  • [...] any major last year he did finish top 20 in all 4, top ten in 2 (5th at Augusta, 7th in the PGA). Recent negative remarks volleyed by Stevie Williams, rumors of Phil’s game being in decline, and a strong drive to win back the #2 spot in the world [...]

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